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Facebook Now Has GIF Support

Facebook Now Has GIF Support

There is a buzz in the social media market about the Social Media Market Player – Facebook, that “FACEBOOK NOW HAS GIF SUPPORT”. Previously Facebook had launched support for GIF images. Facebook that time also had the ability to embed the GIF pictures, but the feature was removed due to some negative impact on its functionality. Now, Facebook is again in news with the news that Facebook will allow users to post GIF images on their profile page.

What is meant by GIF Image?

The GIF Image is a Graphical Interface Format Image. These are moving images or animated images.

How can you post GIF Images on Facebook?

Facebook has announced that now you can post GIF images to your news feed, post. But keep in mind that you can only paste the image link of your GIF image, you cannot upload it from your Computers or Laptop. If you try to upload the GIF images through “add photo” or “add video” feature on your status updates, it will convert it into still images. What you can do instead is, you can paste the link of GIF images from anywhere on the web. You can use GIF images from the sites like Photobucket, Imgur, Hulu’s, Giphy and so on.

 Steps you can use to upload GIF Images on the Facebook

In your Facebook status update – paste the url of GIF images you want to post and then click on post.

Facebook Post

When you click on post, the GIF image will be displayed with the round white circle around the word “GIF”.

 Gif Image

Now click on that white circle with the word “GIF” and image will start to animate. Also if you want to open the GIF image in the new tab of the browser all you need to do is simply click on the arrow in the square and it will open in a new tab in the browser. It will also show you the URL of the animated GIF image. Facebook supports GIF image feature on both Desktop and Mobile Facebook App.

If you want your GIF image should auto play for desktop i.e., without clicking on white circle with “GIF” word, then you can change the settings of video to Auto-Play video option available in Facebook (go to Setting -> Video -> Auto play) and it will start to play automatically on your feed without clicking on GIF white circle on your desktop. To change these settings in Mobile Facebook app you can do this (go to Setting ->Videos and Photos -> Auto play)

Before this feature was announced by Facebook, we use to upload animated GIF image in Facebook through Giphy as a workaround but that was not considered to be the Facebook official provision. Now the things have changed and we can upload GIF images through any of the source from the web very easily.

Pasting of GIF image is only limited to the profile pages, you cannot paste GIF images on Business page and ads, if you paste then it will be considered as still image. Hence this confirms that Facebook has rolled out GIF images support only to Individual personal page. Facebook said in a statement that the reason behind not rolling these feature to Business page and ads is that they want to ensure that this drives a great experience for people before rolling out it widely.

 How you can make use of Facebook GIF Image feature:

Facebook move of providing a feature of GIF images look very fascinating as now you can express your views in more fun and interesting way with your friends. You can do this by using any of the following ideas:

  • Let’s say you have video GIF sites like Imgur where you can get your favourite TV episodes, cool music or great home movies in a looping video animations, you can share that, it will be a very entertaining post.
  • You can also share informative GIF images. You can be very innovative by posting recipes, dancing steps etc. through the sites which have TV themed GIFs shows available.
  • You can also express your reaction like happy, sad, bored, excited or disappointed in reply to   your post own post or your friend’s post.

Still Images play a vital role in all social media sites. Still Images can easily highlight your message, but using GIF’s you can make it more appealing and informative.

It will be very challenging for Facebook to observe that how this feature will work, Main thing to test for the Facebook will be the loading time, and overcome messy News feed. Although now a days web services are capable enough to handle loading time of GIF images. Also majority of social media sites supports GIF and now it is the turn of Social giant Facebook to join the party

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