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Facebook Officially Destroys Organic Reach For Brands

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facebook AdsFacebook is that social media platform that is being accessed by the users to check their notifications and news feeds. Social media networks have always placed their users above the marketers thus meeting the former’s interest more than that of the latter.

In the year gone by, Facebook made an official announcement stating that organic reach for brands is getting killed, thus all the marketers are urged to opt for buying ads. This simply indicates that this renowned social media platform had declared that it had put an end to all the organic reach for the brands’ having Facebook pages.

This announcement from this social media giant clearly indicates that there is absolutely no other way for the brands to reach out to the customers at large rest apart that they will have to opt for buying the ads. This is a great welcome change for the Facebook users, while on the other hand, for all those marketers who have spent years to create a huge Facebook fan following on their respective Facebook pages, this seems to reflect that their efforts have all gone in vain.

On this official declaration, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the social network is such a domain that will anytime give preference to the users over the marketers. Adding to this, he also stated that since there is a conflict on the system, so there is a need ton realize the fact as to whether they are trying to optimize the news feeds such that they readers get the best experience while they come across the news feed notifications or are they trying to help out the businesses to reach out the maximum number of people?

This concept is clear indication and reminder of the fact that it is Facebook through which the brands get in touch with the audience and that they do not own the audiences by any means.

Mark Zuckerberg quoted that “In every decision we make, we optimize [the user] so the people we serve get the best experience that they can”

So, the simple indication is primarily focused at brands buying the Facebook Ads for a better customer reach. While doing the feedback from the users response, it cam across that the major portion of the content that the users read is more of promotional which is the posts from the Facebook pages they like rather than the ads.

Thus, with a view to have a better control over the promotional page posts, the concerned authorities have brought in new volume and content controls such that the users get to see more of what they want from the Facebook pages.

Here is an example of the post that was being surveyed by the concerned authorities:


Credits: Facebook NewsRoom

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      It is good piece of information. Any change that has been brought into implementation, few would benefit out of it and few may not. Facebook’s decision to stop organic reach may have brought many of the marketing gimmicks to stand-still but this would on the other hand help to control the flow of information. Anything new takes its time to settle down and would definitely be accepted.

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