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Facebook Reveals Immersive Mobile Ads

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Facebook – the most popular social media platform is in the news of rolling out new Mobile Ads soon. Chirs Cox, the product Head of Facebook at the annual Cannes Lions advertising Festival in south France shared the idea of how Facebook reveals immersive Mobile Ads.

Chirs Cox demonstrated the format of how new Mobile  Ads will look on smartphones, he clears that the presentation is just a mockup and Ads are not rolled out  yet and ask marketers to provide a feedback regarding their  new ad concept.

Facebook new mobile ad concept seems to be more engaging and interesting to their audience, Let us see of what the Facebook Mobile new Ad will consist of:

The important point is, that it will not restrict to a still image with  one view, rather it will be an interactive ad. It will  be a full-screen Ad  which will comprise  of  images, videos  product shots and GIFs image of mobile  and will give the control the user to manipulate the vision by rotating it in a 360 degree of the product as you move your finger across the screen for e.g. if you want to purchase a mobile phone, then the Facebook’s  mobile ad will be shown on the full screen, users will be able to look around the mobile, it will be a real-time experience of picking up things in our hand and looking at it, which user is willing to buy. On the other hand, advertisers will be able to create a mini or alternative version of their website by creating an interactive snapshot of their products. All these activities will not hinder users news feed screen, user will still remain on his news feed while watching the ad.

Right now Facebook main aim is to spend a week at Cannes and meeting the numerous marketers and asking them for the feedback of their new mobile ads roll out.

At Cannes, Chris showed a demo video to advertisers with a mock-up of the new ad. In the video, he showed an illustration of retailer “Michael Kors” who promotes it brand on Facebook app. In the video the user clicks on the fashion brand and they are  presented with an ad which is  full screen, which consist of images, videos and product shots and it rotates at 360 degrees as and when user move fingers across the screen and view the product as if he is holding it his hand and still remains within his news feed. While showing the video Chris makes it clear that it is just an example of where Facebook mobile ad will look like, it is still like work in progress and the reason behind showing this mockup is to get feedback from the marketers.

Here is the video for the Demo of Facebook’s new mobile ad:

In this demo video, Chris presented an ad of a watch, looking at a watch, user is eager to pick it up and look it in and around. It is like a real time experience of buying.

The Next generation is very mobile friendly. There are millions of users who are accessing Facebook only through their mobile phones. It is a smart move by Facebook of rolling out such immersive ad functionality, It will be a challenge for advertisers to show their creativity through this app and also challenge for Facebook to draw lines between what user wants and advertisers show. How appealing it is to the users will also have to be taken into consideration as users are hardly found of advertisements, they sometimes find it annoying and it thinks it deviates them from what they are doing on net

Facebook already knows that the majority of its income comes from mobile advertising, According to the analysis Facebook earns 94 % of its revenue from advertising and out of which 3 quarter of that is from the mobile devices. There are nearly 1.25 billion of Facebook active users in a month out of which around 500 million users access their Facebook through mobile devices. Hence, this strategy will bring users an enhanced way of showing mobile ads and reach to its targeted audiences will be also very vast. Facebook has a good scope with this large no. of audiences using it, and the audience base will still grow in future.

Facebook has not revealed yet that when Facebook new Mobile Ad roll out will happen, but hope they will soon launch it as Facebook is already sharing its concepts with the marketers.

Facebook is giving a work area to the marketers to show their creativity and sell to its target audience using a different but innovative approach. Facebook’s step towards this approach looks to be a win – win situation for Facebook. Facebook is known for targeting the potential reach like anything. In conclusion to this Facebook approach towards catering the new Mobile ad to its industry is a very smart move.

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