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Facebook has been around for long and has established itself as the most ideal way to stay connected. With rich content and user interface, Facebook provides users with great seamless experience.

While images grab the most attention, videos get lost in the lava of content pages and users created. This was usually because videos were considered an element of surprise to users. They would have to load the video, wait for it to buffer and then watch only to realise that the video was not of their interest.

Since videos engross the users more than images, Facebook has decided to add on additional feature- auto-play video ads.  This feature preloads the videos on the users current news feed without audio. This helps the users to get an idea of what the video is all about and then to go ahead to interact with the video or not.

This new format is highly useful for brands using Facebook as a medium to interact with its audience. Big brands like P&G, Nestle and even EBay are using this medium to promote this video as a post and attract potential customers to their pages that increase their engagement rate with the audience and hence, increase their social foot print. Besides creating brand awareness, Facebook claims that this format will also improve the quality of ads that you see in your news feed.

Though the post itself may not receive many clicks or likes but it would act as a great driver of attracting users to pages. Social media agencies and many social media analysts would also see this as an opportunity to help their clients participate with their audience.

While videos are engaging, they may not be the direct source of lead generation, unlike posts that lead to a website or a shopping portal. Videos are more likely to create brand awareness and connect the audience with the company. This ups the brand integrity and creates a positive effect in the minds of the users that the company is interested in interacting with their end customers.

This can also be seen as an ongoing effort by Facebook in the field of advertising, and auto-play videos can be seen as a clear example of intrusive marketing. Auto-play videos in near times can churn out to be the biggest revenue maker for Facebook.

This new format is still in test mode and available to just a small audience. While the critics and users have different views, only time would tell how successful this new experiment will be for Facebook.

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