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As it has been rumored and planned for months, Facebook announced to play video advertisement in the desktop and mobile news feed. Recently Facebook trailed video ads in partnership with summit entertainment and mindshare for promoting videos of upcoming movie- Divergent.

Video ads are those videos which plays without sound as soon as one scroll down the newsfeed. Users who don’t want to watch the video can simply scroll past it. The sound of the video will be played if the video is clicked.

On mobiles the videos that begin to play as they appear on the screen are downloaded in advance while the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

At the end of the video a carousel appears with two additional videos for the users who want to explore more about the same marketer. This method isn’t proposed for every video or page post video on Facebook. It only meets specific needs of certain marketers.

This is a very good format for the brands to tell their stories on Facebook, to ensure best experience for both marketers and users. This feature is specially designed for awareness campaigns that are meant to reach large number of people, so that interest in a certain brands increases or in product and content in a short period of time.

Recently test held by Facebook reported that the new video ad which was launched in September attracted 10% more people for watching, liking, commenting on the video than the other formats.

A Facebook spokesperson shared that video ads are an integral part of marketing campaigns because the sights, sound and motion are enthralling. It is good for brands to increases their awareness and attention over a short period of time. It creates a large scale awareness about the brand. But the price is expected to be more than the existing page post video.

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