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Facebook Stories through a New App

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Recently Facebook introduced a New App-Paper that helps the users to explore and share stories from friends and the world around them. Paper makes storytelling more easy and wonderful experience with magnificent design, full screen, and distraction free layout. It has also made it easy for users to craft and share beautiful stories of their own.
The paper is made of stories and themed sections, so the users can follow their favorite interest. The first section in paper is the newsfeed, where the users can enjoy inspiring new designs for videos, photos, and longer written post. Paper can be customized with a choice of more than a dozen other sections about various themes and topics, like from ports to photography, science, food, and design. Each section is a brilliant mixture of content from emerging voices and well known publications.
Paper has reinterpreted imaginatively the whole process of storytelling and sharing by showing stories at their best.
• Everything can be answered through a touch, so the users can pick or thumb through the stories with simple and natural movements.
• The users can explore high resolution panoramic photos from corner to corner by tilting their phone and thus can see faces and other important details closely.
• Before sharing the story the users can see a live preview to know exactly how their post and photo will look like.
• Full screen auto play videos brings the users deep into action.
• Articles from trusted publishers can easily be spotted now only because of beautifully detailed covers. Besides this the articles now appear full screen so the users can enjoy focused reading experience.
Paper is the first product from Facebook creative labs. It is a place where new apps are crafted to support the different ways people want to share and connect.

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