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Facebook tests new star rating system

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You might have seen a recent update on the Facebook Page – the like button. Since the time of its launch, this is the first time that Facebook has changed the design of its like button.

In addition to this latest change, a few days back TechCrunch reported that some of the users are seeing a brand new feature on the Facebook company page – a five star rating displayed under the company’s name.

At present, this new feature can be seen on the desktop version of the site, which shows a display of star rating out of a total number of 5 stars. It has been found that live testing of this feature is seen on a small subsection of users, which helps in providing network users information beyond the somewhat sentiment deprived basic like.

However, star ratings is not really a new feature on Facebook page and it’s been quite a while now that Facebook had been collecting star ratings from users on the desktop and also through local search. What is really new in this feature is that Facebook has now explicitly displayed this information on the social network.

This update is expected to bring with it certain implications for the Facebook users. For the general users, it provides an increased degree of sentiment information, which can easily be known through the like option. Number of likes simply suggest how popular a page is in public consciousness. In fact comments can also provide some sense of sentiment around a page, but the star rating system threads the needle between ease of usage compared to both the like and comment option.

For business, it is not really clear whether displaying this information would be mandatory or compulsory for them, but if Facebook is making a play with the Yelps, Foursuqares and Angie’s list, it would make sense that these ratings would be required by default. Likes can be an easy option for businesses, but asking users to fill the star bar would probably require lot of effort and interaction.


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