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Facebook Tightens Organic Page Post Reach- Decline in Facebook Marketing

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Facebook has been trying hard to get the users consume the content published by brand pages and is introducing new algorithms and methods to get in cash and revert the decline in the investment companies are making. Recently, in its new algorithm changes, it has announced that it is now going to show fewer of your Facebook updates to your fans and followers and urge the marketers to pay if they want to get seen.

Facebook, in order to provide superior user experience to its fans, has decided to decline the organic reach for pages. A user can possibly view around 1500 stories per day in the news feed such as shares, comments, like, pictures and videos. Facebook is aware that majority of the content that you see comes from your friends. So, it will now be even more difficult for business pages to get organic visibility.

These new changes resulting out of increased competition for limited space have caused unrest and frustration among people and they are now even planning to leave their Facebook business pages. But not all have been impacted the same way. In fact, there are some brands that haven’t experienced this decline in the slightest degree.

A lot of organisations are still researching to find out ways to be successful with the new Facebook practice. Many social media agencies consider Facebook as a force that is too large to overlook. For companies who are able to generate thousands of substantial followings, advertising is an investment and not just an expense. But for some businesses, this new pay-to-play model could possibly result in decreased returns. As a result, some marketers are not switching on to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+ or even traditional media.

Newer technologies and newer ways to staying connected has always been a challenge for this social media company. With users increasingly shifting to mobile, the total interaction of user with brand pages has declined. Though this push towards filtered updates is a welcomed change for an average Facebook user, but the businesses who have invested huge resources on building audiences aren’t really impressed.

Our social media marketing efforts are no longer something that just cost us time and resources. So, start budgeting for social advertising. Create content that is capable of engaging people and find out ways to amplify the reach of this content.


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