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Facebook Witnessed 81% Growth Via Mobile Ad

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Boom! It is Facebook Mobile ads

First, let us  know the valuable  fact before we dive into the Mobile ad and how Facebook’s revenue! Are you aware of the first quarter of 2016 has seen 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook? Active users are the one who are logged into Facebook in last 30 days. With such an MAU Facebook has done the brilliant job by generating the revenue $4.5 billion in 2015 and especially with the strong mobile ad business it generates $3.85 billion of its quarterly revenue which is 49% increased from the same quarter a year earlier and an overall growth of 81%. It is a clear indication of mobile ad revenue are much better than the desktop revenue. The tipping point has finally arrived. Such a gameplay needs a lot of patience, time, and effort that we are going to know with a better stats and resources with which they achieved this massive target!

Mobile ads user base

Daily active users

What pulls users to Facebook ads?

With a Billions of users connected to the single platform Facebook ,they plan to generate a long-term revenue and plan the revenue sources accordingly they aim to provide the amazing platform any business prospects around the globe and plan the future enhancements and product development for them to reach out their audiences It is a win-win situation for both of them so the business start with the minimum budget tends to increase them on time with facebook ads.Facebook has recently come up with Facebook Canvas which let us form a stand out  presentation types with the combo of text, images, videos, carousels, product feeds and more

mobile ads through canvas

With the Canvas on board,  it is very easy to create mesmeric  Facebook Ads in mobile base  because of the unique features like burke slow load times and the video can be watched without being directed to the browser which eases customers to watch the mini video that also helps the clients  to share their content/brand in a contemporary way. For sure a canvas ads will perform better than normal ads and it is claimed to be Facebook’s Golden goose.

Few things to know about Mobile ads:

What is so fascinating about these Mobile ads? It gets you an engagement which no other segments dare to produce. With so many customizations that can be done in ads before rolling out like selecting the target geographic location and custom audiences like those who already liked your page or the new ones whom might be your potential customers in future. One should opt for engagement ads comes to target the new customers. A simple trick that works out for this audiences will be asking them to fill a special sign up form and offer them some valuable freebies.

Facebook Mobile ads

Best practices for Mobile ads
  • Always have the habit of learning failure from others rather than testing on own Observe how your  competitors are doing and set your ads aligned with best practices suggested.
  • Before crafting the ads try to look what is trending on social media and make a relevant post for your brand so that you can reach out new leads when they search for the trends.
  • Plan wisely for the number of ads with the same goal in mind when you are in the process of acquiring new leads.
  • Designing multiple ad campaigns and testing the ability of every single ad  provides a clear picture of ads campaign.
What’s new on Facebook Mobile ads:

Last year Facebook come up with a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) bidding in order to boost app install ads.

It also comes up with symbolic changes  from text ad to image biased ad/video ad on its news feed  which reflects the higher chances of attracting the audience.Facebook witnessed the advertisers with extensive customer feedback and questionnaires and proved them that the users want to see videos more than they do images, links, or text posts to be more successful.

Measuring the success of ads is always necessary in order to progress and perform well so Facebook has something called Mobile Measurement Partner if you want to:

  • Get deeper insights on capabilities of your ads
  • Measure aggregated for your several ad network

Need more info about Mobile measurement partner check on this link:


Looking for nurturing relationships with your audience or trying to some build some awareness for your brand run a contest to spread your brand like a wildfire. 

Plan to start Mobile ads for your brand? Tips on go!

One might think where to place the ad on the mobile platform Definitely, the news feed should be your target even though a bit pricey but it is the place to get the larger chunk of engagement and a good deal of ROI regardless of the objective and the vertical.

Besides the bitter facts like slow connections, old smartphones, the audience without the buying power, by letting the true facts like: 

  • 100 million hours of video watched per day
  • 1 billion users on Groups
  • 80 million users on Facebook Lite

Facebook is really convincing advertisers to pay for the ads to reach a wider range of audience if you want to convert them as a lead by nurturing through ads.

By coming out with a cost effective video ads and  low-bandwidth slideshow ads for slow connections and using   commerce ads for the Facebook groups Facebook Mobile ads proves that it has something for all.

Mobile ads -The game changer for FB’s future


Very recently, Facebook roll out a feature of Instant Ads format helping brands the ultra speed loading of Instant Articles. Facebook also informed that it’s expanding its mobile ad network from apps to mobile websites, to increase the revenue 

Looking for much more places to showcase the content or to expand the brand presence and also a added value for the advertisers who are in need of brand exposure through their most engaging video ads, advertisers can opt-in to the Audience Network and can reach approximately 10% engagement than that of the mobile News Feed alone. [Facebook internal data, May 2016]. If your targeted audience spends their time on a particular app than on Facebook or Instagram, your video will be shown in that app more often.” By achieving more open and connected community through Messenger and Groups with over 500 million users Facebooks is likely to increase the revenue through Mobile ads than the last quarter.

Image Credits: Techcrunch and Facebook

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