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Factors To Consider While Designing Sign-Up Forms

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Many businesses take them as mere forms, however they play an important role in conversion. Once you understand their importance, you would also love to create them.

Content and design are considered to be the two most important aspects of sign-up forms. These factor are solely responsible to create a good lead generation form that even converts. Therefore, today in this post, we will focus on factors that should be considered while designing these forms.

Make your Sign-Up forms stand out

These forms are designed and added on the website to attract the attention of the customers. However, if your sign-up form is easily missed out by your customers, it is a clear sign of non-responsive forms. Therefore, few designing tweaks that you can follow while designing them are:

  • Encapsulate your forms

Displaying your forms in a container and distinguishing them from rest of your website can work wonders in terms of conversions. This is one such method to make your form attention grabbing for your visitors.

  • Contrasting form header

Using the right colors and fonts can make it a lot easier for your visitors to identify what they are expected to do on the page. Most of the form creators also do A/B testing with different fonts and colors and use the ones with maximum response.

Create Targeted Forms

The more closer you get to people’s requirements, the better will be your conversions. When your visitor’s fill up the sign-up form, they are basically showing an interest in your services and a way to stay in touch with you.

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to understand your customer’s behavior and offer much targeted options for your visitors to choose from.

Create simple and easy forms by reducing friction

Form filling can be the most boring task for many. No matter whatever freebies you are providing your visitors, but of the motivation level of the prospects is not very high, chances are that they might leave the page.

Therefore, if you want them to stay on the page, you will have to find out their pain points and figure out ways to fix the smallest things that can annoy them. Remember, lesser the work for your visitors, higher is the conversion. Try to ask for only bare minimum requirements from them.

Communicate Value

Similar to headlines, sign-up form content should be created in a manner that communicates people what will they get in return for the information submitted by them. Therefore, make sure that the font size of the form header is a bit larger than the rest of the content.

In fact, you can also add some supporting bullets that can add more value to the offer and help in improving conversions.

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