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How to Choose Right FB Ads for your Business Objective?

How to Choose Right FB Ads for your Business Objective?

What if I say… “I don’t use FB ads for my business”.

Err, that’s an alien thing, right? Probably it comes as no surprise that Facebook ads play the biggest role in digital advertising. By the start of 2017, the online advertising spend will exceed $ 72.09 billion in the US alone.

More than 95% of social media managers say Facebook offers the best return, followed by Twitter and Instagram (eMarketer, 2016)

Clearly, Facebook is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your product and service to a large audience. With an ample number of choices, it can be difficult to develop a social media advertising strategy that fits your business.facebookadvertising

Why You MUST Use FB Ads?

Facebook advertising strategy is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, build loyal customers, and fill the sales funnel.

Reasons for Using Facebook Ads

Here are a couple of reasons to use FB ads

1. Target Audience

The social media giant, Facebook now has more than 1.13 billion daily active users out of which 1.03 billion of which access the social network through mobile phones.

2. Time Spent on Facebook

We spend a lot of time on social networking sites, obviously. On an average, a person spends an hour daily on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

3. Targeting Options on Facebook

There are brilliant Facebook Ads targeting options. You can target users with by demographics, interests, age, behavior, gender, location, and more.

Before understanding the types of Facebook ads or you can do brand advertising on Facebook, let’s understand how fb ads will do the trick to your business.

Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising

  • Easily trackable campaigns
  • Quick influx of traffic
  • You have complete control over your daily budget and CPC
  • Immediate ROI. FB ads give you the flexibility to define a cost per conversion (CPC) and understand what your profit is in an easy way.
  • Numerous targeting options like income bracket, likes/interests, age, regions, towns, and other demographics.
  • Easier to set up and run Facebook Advertising when compared with other mediums.
  • FB Ads have the ability to reach people early on in the buying process even before they realize that they need the products.
  • Use of images and videos to grab the attention of the target audience will amplify the selling of your products and services.
  • The Cost per Click (CPC) is comparatively cheap. On an average, it is equal to or less than $0.061 per click.

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Why FB Ads Aren’t Perfect?

No, Facebook ads aren’t perfect! Here are some cons to consider:

  • FB Ads can cost you if wrongly set up and managed. However, not more than Google AdWords.
  • On the basis of your target market, the majority of the large potential audience can be vague. For example, if you are selling your products to a particular district/town then the use of Facebook Ads could be irrelevant for you.
  • FB Ads work best for B2C markets.

That said, let’s understand what all how you can choose the right type of FB ad for your business with suitable facebook ad example.

Types of FB Ads and Choosing the Right Type for your Business

With more than 3 million businesses advertising on Facebook, it is important to know:

  • Types of ads on Facebook

With 11 types of ads on Facebook, you should know the objective each type serves.

  • How does Facebook Advertising Works

The effective way to advertise on Facebook and how the blue-themed site’s advertising works.

  • How to Choose the right FB ad type

With different types of FB ad type serving different objectives, it is important to choose the right type for your business objective.

  • Facebook Ad performance

How the Facebook Ads are performing against the objectives.

Before you dive deeper into your FB campaigns, it is important to understand these different social media ads available as Facebook continuously adjusts its ad type according to the needs of the users.

There is a different ad type to fit in for different objectives:

Objective #1: Bring Traffic to My Website

One of the most common objectives of Facebook Advertising is driving traffic to your website. Your aim could be to:

Boost overall reach of the site

Send visitors to a dedicated landing page (for having them potentially buy your product, participate in lead generation process, or simply sign up for a newsletter).

Here are different types of FB ads which will best suit your individual needs:

1. Domain Adsfb ads

  • This is the most basic form of Facebook ad.
  • Display: It is displayed on the right column.
  • No mobile support.
  • You have the authority to choose a title, URL to be displayed, and a short description.
  • Facebook’s domain ads are usually low-performing when it comes to click-through rates or CTR. However, the cost is minimalistic when compared to other ad types.

2. Page Post Link Adsfb ads

  • This type of ad works well when you have to promote your external website.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • Popularly known as Newsfeed Ads, it displays a big image that grabs the attention of a user.
  • You have the authority to test both the link description and post text to explain you offerings better.
  • The performance of these ads are extremely well and they have the benefit of generating thumbs up for your page.
  • However, you need to keep a check on the comments and respond timely to boost engagement.

Objective #2: Selling your Product or Service

Facebook lets you showcase the range of products and services in a single ad. If you are an e-commerce store, agency or brand with multiple offerings, the following ads will not only help you with brand advertising but effective advertising.

The potential customers will be able to submit their email or interact with your brand without having to leave the Facebook platform which means the process of interaction will be 10 times faster.

Obviously, a great user experience, less money, and reduced time gap will help you acquire a lead.

1. Multi-Product Ad or Carousel Adads-type-multi-product2

  • Recently (to be precise, in June 2014), Facebook released the Multi-Product Ad format, also known as Carousel Ad to help eCommerce advertisers promote their products.
  • Display: Newsfeed Mobile
  • As the name suggests, you can use this type of ad format to promote multiple products from your store. If you wish to promote different posts and see what works and attracts leads, you can go for Carousel Ad type.
  • This type of ad is similar to the normal page post link ad but the only difference is it supports up to five products with display of links. That is, you can promote up to five products (with separate pictures, links, and titles). Therefore, increasing the probability of CTR.

2. Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are like remarketing display ads. This means these ads target users on the basis of past actions on your website with a perfectly timed ad.
  • Display: Newsfeed Right Column Mobile
  • You just have to upload your product catalog on Facebook and check if you have installed Facebook Pixel on your site pages. Rest of the automation and re-targeting is done by Facebook.

3. Lead Ads

  • Introduced in 2015, the Facebook’s lead ads let users to filling out the ad forms without leaving Facebook.
  • Display: Newsfeed Mobile
  • Since these ads are available on Desktop and Mobile, you can quickly get a potential customer’s email address.

4. Canvas Ads

  • The Canvas Ads are interactive ads unlike any other. The users are kept on the Facebook.
  • Display: Newsfeed Mobile Only
  • It is only on mobile as how we interact with mobile devices.
  • The prospective customers can swipe through a carousel of images, zoom in or out, tilt the image in different directions just with their fingertips.
  • The loading time is 10X faster than any standard mobile web applications.

Objective #3: Likes and Engagement for your Page

All types of facebook ads are great for brand advertising and marketing, but there are some ads that are specifically designed to gain Facebook page likes and boost engagement.

1. Page Like

  • Being a go-to ad for boosting your page likes, it can be displayed on all placements.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • It shows up a visible call to action for users to immediately like your page.
  • However, you have to be critical in picking up the right image to boost performance.

Side note: It is important to pick the right audience that is interested in your page.

2. Page Post Photo

  • This type of FB ad will help you engage your page fans.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • This type of FB ad has the most space to show your amazing pictures. You just have to pick the right image and you will see hundreds of comments and likes.
  • There is also space for inserting a link in the text description of the post.

3. Page Post Video

  • We have known video advertising is one of the best ways to drive high engagement.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • You can build a strong connection by making simple videos to connect and entertain their audience.
  • This FB ad type is best for creating a stellar custom audience to re-target with other ad types.

Facebook gets at least 8 billion video views in a day, out of which 65% are through mobile. Also, by the end of 2017, there will be 3.8 billion revenue generated from video ads alone.

Objective #4: Store or Event Visitors

Facebook provides you with two best-suited ads to drive visitors to your physical store or event. This type of FB ad is extremely important as is always more complex to measure results for offline promotions. However, if you run the ad campaign effectively, they will give you huge revenues.

1. Event

  • With Facebook Events, you can attract a lot of visitors to your physical store or event.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • As per the size and relevance of the event, you can limit the geographical reach of the ad. For instance, if you are organizing the event only in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai, you can limit the reach of the ad to people living in these cities.

2. Offer

  • This type of ad is perfect for brick and mortar store owners finding ways to attract people to their stores.
  • Display: Right Column Newsfeed Mobile
  • For offer ads, it is must have a minimum of 50 likes on your page.
  • After these ads are live, any user who clicks on your ad and redeems the offer will automatically receive an email having the details and terms of use.

Finally, there are a lot of ad types to meet different needs of your business. Therefore, it would be smart if you test different types of FB ad formats and see which one suits you the best.

This will help in delivering best results at the lowest cost.

But How Do I Choose the Right Advertising Objective?

When the business grows, the campaign goals also change. The following are different objectives of a business at different stages:

  • At stage one, the campaigns may focus on building awareness and gaining new users.
  • Later, you might want to encourage people to sign up for an event or make a purchase.

Therefore, even before deciding upon the right ad for your campaign, it is important to pick the right advertising objective on Facebook that aligns with your business objectives.

Objectives have simpler names to help you choose the best objective for your business goal:

  • Collect leads for your business → Lead generation
  • Get people to visit your store → Store visits
  • Increase brand awareness Brand Awareness
  • Increase engagement in your app → Traffic (app engagement) and Conversions (app engagement)
  • Increase conversions on your website → Conversions (website conversions)
  • Raise attendance at your event → Engagement (event responses)
  • Boost your posts → Engagement (post engagement)
  • Promote your Page → Engagement (page likes)
  • Get people to claim your offer → Engagement (offer claims)
  • Promote a product catalog → Product catalog sales
  • Get video views → Video views
  • Get installs of your app → App installs
  • Send people to your website → Traffic (website clicks)
  • Reach people near your business → Local awareness


With so many types of Facebook Ads available, you should first clear your organization’s objective and then align the Facebook Ads types with your goals. Also, you should understand Facebook Ad Targeting Options. You can also mix and match different types of ads to achieve targets.

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