Ferns N Petals Leveraged Social Media To Increase Its Organic Likes By 1508 In 14 Days

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Ferns N Petals was initiated by Mr Vikaas Gutgutiya in 1994 in Delhi with a single aim to make each and every occasion memorable by presenting the best flowers in the best possible manner irrespective of the location. Beginning with humble start with a single store in Delhi as a flower and gifts retailer it has now established its business in more than 72 cities within India and 155 countries across the globe. It has even forayed into FNP Retail and Franchising, FNP Weddings and Events, FNP E-commerce, FNP Select, FNP Wedding Design Hub, FNP Floral Design School, FNP Gardens. It introduced organised retail in flowers in India. With India undergoing modernization, urbanization and embracing changing lifestyles with a tinge of materialism attached to it, Ferns N Petals has made advantage of the opportunity and now is synonymous with celebration, love and emotions. FNP is now plunging into small towns and tier-3 cities.

Ferns N Petals Business Objectives

To increase awareness, visibility and transactions on the occasion of Valentine Day through social media channels.

Strategy Adopted By Ferns N Petals

To showcase Ferns N Petals as the perfect gifting partner with its wonderful gifts for the celebration of Valentine Day. Each of the day before the big day like the Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day were celebrated with relevant gifts being recommended for each occasion. People were encouraged to buy through social media and were given special coupons for the same. People were also encouraged to pre-order their gifts for timely delivery. FNP Valentine contest was held wherein people were asked questions about valentine and love in general and invited responses from people. Social Media was also used as a channel for complaint redressal. FNP received 150 complaints during 14 days of the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Social media channels were used to placate the dissatisfied customers and all complaints were resolved through the customer service team. Positive customer feedback was shared on all platforms.

Results Achieved by Ferns N Petals

  • Received 1508 organic Facebook likes during 1-14 February
  • Received  an average of 100 likes everyday
  • Collected an average of 7850 organic reach, which is approximately 3 times the normal
  • Experienced an average of 477 post likes, which is 1.3 times the normal
  • Sustained an average of 83 daily comments during the campaign, which is 2.3 times the normal
  • Encountered 62 average daily shares, which is 1.2 times the normal


The campaign made the best use of the celebration mood among the audience and thus was very aptly timed. The campaign was planned in such a manner so as to entice many people to buy gifts online on social media platforms in a hassle free manner and ensured timely delivery which was again a great relief for people who are generally tired with busy schedules in their life. Another important feature of the campaign was complaint redressal which enhanced the trust and loyalty towards the brand. Thus any campaign timed opportunely present on suitable platforms and followed with appropriate complaint redressal mechanism is bound to be success.

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