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Fight Of Most Popular Mobile Messaging Application

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How many people write letters in today’s mobile friendly applications, when everyone is using mobile to even access even their emails?? This one question is quite self explanatory. Since people are getting more into free calling and messaging facilities to get in touch with each other for personal or professional networking; therefore, a bulk of companies came into the market with user friendly and free messaging applications. To name a few of these applications are Whats App, Viber, Line, Skype, We Chat etc.
But the biggest fight between them is between the popularity of Whats App and Line. So, here we go with the comparison of the two:

Whats App:

Whats App is found to be one of the best used application globally these days. The best part of this application is that it is one of the simplest applications and very user friendly in nature. One can share videos, pictures, contact details and also can have unlimited messaging with colleagues and folks at a service cost of only $ 0.99 with one year subscription. It is also free for first year and the companies reason for this fact is that it helps customers interacting with each other and getting used to it and bring whats app as their daily needs.

Benefits of Whats App:

• Simple to use
• User friendly
• Easy to install

Loopholes which might not attract customers:

• It is not free of cost
• Might not appeal crowd for its expensiveness


One of the Korean Internet Firm came into existence with the motto of bestowing user friendly messaging application to the users. Users can exchange videos / photos, have a video / voice calls for free, and can participate in group chats as well. The best part for the users of this application is that it is a free application; however, users have to spend money for virtual content such as stickers, in app purchases within games etc.

Benefits of Line:

• Offers free messaging services
• Easy to install

Loopholes which might not attract customers:

• Myriad numbers of features looses the efficacy of actual messaging facilities of the company.

Therefore, to conclude it can be rightly said that both of the applications have neck to neck fight in the industry; however, it is seen that Whats App is quiet more popular than Line, as along with user friendly nature, it does not lose the real picture and interest of the user for messaging and exchange of words while is offering too much of features which lose the interest of users at times.

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