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Find Out 4 Reasons Why People Follow You On Social Media

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There are various reasons why people follow on social media platforms. Social media platforms like 2Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. cater to different and various needs of any user. Depending upon their need, a user follows a brand. For example; on LinkedIn, people follow a company to know of various posts and updates about the company. These posts can be giving information about job offers; road map of what the company is planning to do, etc. Let us look at some of the main reasons why online users follow brands on various social media platforms.

To Receive Coupons and Discounts 3

A large number of online users follow brands in order to receive coupons and discounts offered by the brand. Since the users would not like to miss out on any attractive offer given by the brand, it makes a lot of sense for the user to follow the brand and keep getting regular updates and notifications for the same. A lot of brands also have their promotional offers which are first cum first basis. Hence, if the interested users opt to follow the brand, they can immediately get to know of any such offer once the same is released. For example, there are websites like Snapdeal, Coupondunia, etc. which provide very good deals on various purchases. The deals provided by these websites are in the form of discounts and coupons that can be availed by customers while they shop online on theses websites. These websites have a very large fan following who would like to keep themselves updated with the latest offers that are released so that they can avail of the same as soon as they are out in the market.

Like your brand 4

There are quite a number of users who like to get associated with a particular brand. In fact, they choose to like a brand and like to show their interest in a brand to their friends and acquaintances in order to showcase their likes. This is mainly seen in case of brands which are expensive, popular, hard to get, have a personal touch, etc. For these reasons, a user may want to get associated with a brand and will also like others to know of their association. Hence, for any marketer, it is of utmost importance to make sure that his brand has a very high aspirational value and users will like to be associated with the same. Once this happens, the brand gets promoted automatically as it goes viral and more and more people get to know of it and also start liking it. For example, it is quiet often seen that people like to get associated with expensive and popular brands and would like their friends and other acquaintances to know about the same. Hence, they show their interest and association with the brand by liking the webpage of the brand. This can then be seen by all the friends of the user. Hence, in order to get a large fan following, one needs to ensure that the brand has an aspirational value that users will like to be associated with.


If the content on your website is highly relevant and of very high quality, then you are bound to have a large number of followers. By relevant content, we mean highly informational and of importance to the end user. That is, if the end user finds that the content on a particular website is of any use to him, and that it is very informational to him, then the user will follow the website to keep him updated with the latest updates and posts on the website. Also, it is important to note that the information posted on any webpage needs to be updated on a regular basis in order to maintain and also increase the number of followers to the website. His can be possible only if regular monitoring of the content on the website is done and checked if the content on the webpage is updated with relevant and latest information. For example, for a website like which provides latest information about cricket scores and other tournament related information, will have a large following of cricket fans since they would like to receive latest updates about the game. These users are likely to follow the happenings posted of on this website as it contains content which is highly informational and relevant to the interests of the game lovers.

Customer Service5

A large number of users follow a band in order to seek customer service for the product or service they are using of a particular brand. By the following the website, the user can seek various kinds of help like information about the product, issue resolution, feedback about the service, complaints about the service or product, locate address of the store, other information about the product. For example, for a brand like Idea Cellular Ltd, which is a leading telecom provider, providing telecommunication service, has a large following on its website wherein it finds a large number of its customers seeking customer service. The website gets feedback related to the service in addition to queries related to resolving issues in the service. The website also updates on a regular basis, all the new offers that the cellular company is offering to its subscribers. Hence, users follow the webpage of a brand to seek customer services from the same in the form of latest updates, query resolution, feedback and reviews, etc.

In this way, we can see that there are various reasons for which the online users follow a particular brand website. It is important to keep up the following and not the users churn out of the group by constantly improving the various features of the website. In addition to the same, the content on the website needs to be kept updated with latest and relevant information. This is important as the popularity of the brand has a direct relation with number of followers of the brand and is directly proportional to the same.

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