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Finding The Crux Of Social Media Analytics At The 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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Social media which is the base for individuals, professional, marketers, entrepreneurs can be best for the analyzers as well. Social media which is conducted through various platforms has been leveraged upon as a crucial medium to focus on the customer requirement at the right time and at the right place, to reduce the response time gap. But to manage such huge bulk data, analytics are required which further should be based on certain specific metrics.

At the 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI, the panel discussion on ‘Metric that Matters: Finding The Crux of the Social Media Analytics!’  served the purpose by eventually highlighting as to how to find the core of social media analytics so as to achieve the desired set of results.

The panel discussion which was moderated by Snehi Jha Mehta, Head –Client Solutions at Facebook, India asked the following questions:

  • Are we really social?
  • What about micro targeting?
  • Are really using the existing potential of the capabilities of the potential of the agencies?
  • Are the agencies leveraging that?

These days, the seriousness quotient of the businesses has risen. This is so because advertisers and agencies are discussing objectives seriously for better client delivery and relationship.

Anupam Dixit, Industry Manager India, Twitter

He primarily stated that Twitter is not a start-up but it is an analytics start-up. Following were major focal points that he highlighted upon:

  • Twitter witnesses 500 billion tweets everyday, which is a big number to handle.
  • Each tweet is an action of intent which can be used to leverage upon the response.
  • Widely distributed and real time data can be used.
  • Good social media analytics tools and techniques are required.
  • Besides this, collaboration with agencies is the need of the hour.
  • There is no one particular metric as was there in past 6 years instead currently, there are multiple of them at the same time as is done by social media metrics.
  • At social media platform, reaching out to right audience is critical so that their feedback can be mapped to correct things and reworked upon for betterment of future customer services.
  • Customer satisfaction data is what that gives you things to work from.
  • So, through data, two things can be done, either reduce cost or increase the revenue: done through data
  • In the future, he will figure out ways to measure what customers are looking for by clearly defined social media metrics.

Deepa Sayal, Director & Co-Founder, ADG Online

Through social media channels, how brands can target together is big question that Deepa had out forth. She highlighted what social listening is all about. She stated that social listening is the art of understanding and responding to the customers through immediate responses. She foresees that things will change in the next 5 years through, wherein following things will be focused on:

  • Predictive analytics and
  • Internet of Things (IOT) will get a lot of data into it will help to get larger into it.

Although CRM if integrated with marketing automation tool is a far off concept but can be a really good platform to leverage upon. Social media listening will lead to BI Business Intelligence which is anticipated n coming three years. One touch interface will become enabled. Ecommerce is going to be very aggressive, especially in India. Having said that, she wants to graduate into a product centric company.

Deepali Naair, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays & Resort India

The journey on social media started 6 years ago.  So two aspects to be catered to in social media are:

  • listing to customers
  • customer service

There has been an evolution of listening mechanism on social media. Talking specifically about her company, she said that the data can be aggregated well viz. calls for troubles, feedbacks etc. The processes which are done on emails are crowded, so in such cases, social media comes handy.

Also, brand enegament is crucial, which gets to a halt in the social media analytics domain.  As per her, social media is the secondary concept as compared to digital media and that the matrix is stronger in digital. But nevertheless, social media has huge scope and has good result prospects.

For Mahindra Holidays & Resort India, members’ data can be reached which she wants to do for prospects. 49 segments for 1.40 lakh people data can be done well. Appropriate social media metrics analysis helped to reshape 20% demand that their customers make. Mahindra Holidays & Resort could get the targeted customers to holiday in non-peak time at not so happening places. So, that is the magic of proper social media metrics application. Moreover, better targeting platforms are available to the company for which social media analytics are looked upon to give better targeting platforms. She briefed what she anticipates and wants to accomplish:

  • Wants to balance business through analytics so as to reduce the velocity and accelerate growth.
  • Exciting platforms should come up to work on.
  • Looking for change in conversation methodology to interact with customers.

Aroon Kumar, Head Marketing and Social Media, Valuefirst

  • People are trying to understand the impact of social media marketing. They look for actions and not eye balls, which are lead generations and what matters in the present state is content.
  • Really contextual content and curation of content is essential for the key to social media success.
  • Talking about creative analytics, there is a need to understand the human side of the user.
  • Agencies will work on how to help brands work on social media platforms based on market trends, customer requirements, so they will never die but will be looked upon support to get good social media strategy.
  • CMO’s are appointed for social media presence.

He wants to do big focus on analytics for better social media presence.

Mark Henning, Head of Media & Digital, AMAP Millward Brown

Key takeaways from his end are:

  • Key areas are direct response and the brand objective.
  • Need to understand customer psyche: how much are they aware of the brand so social media metrics can help to look out for that.
  • Social media metrics will enable quick response from customers and your end, which will be a soft measure.
  • This industry has numbers everywhere so that gives brand impact to a great extent.
  • A lot of studies are done to understand customer engagement level to know what is best to get the brand image made.
  • Also, brand attributes are studied for better application on social media channels.
  • Rapid growth in digital space is paving way for social media too.
  • There is a lot of data but it is important to get answer to that i.e. are the Facebook and Twitter strategies working? What is the target audience? What opportunities does Twitter gives? What is the strategy of the brand
  • The role that media plays gives a good strategical implication and gives strong impact on brand econometrics.
  • For FMCG’s digital media needs to demonstrate more so as to get more interest of the person. This will get to see more money flow from the digital industry.
  • So, he will look for metrics first and then act for better social media strategy.
  • Also, he would consider all aspects of social and digital media and then work on the same.

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