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Five Tips To Enliven Your Email Campaign

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For making your email campaign lively and result-oriented, it is necessary that you follow some cardinal principles of email campaigning. As you will find from the below given five tips, it is not at all difficult or something which require some expert professionals.

1. Put text with image

Many a times the images included in the emails get disabled accidentally by the sender himself. Sometimes, the recipients may also not take the trouble to download the images. As this will result in the incomplete transmission of your message, you should also include text for the images you use in an email.

2. Easy to scan email design

Most of the recipients of email today do not have time to go through your email content in its entirety and they tend to scan it to understand the whole message. So, you will do well to create a content which can easily be glossed over by the customers without compelling them to spend their scarce time to read it verbatim. For this purpose, you can adopt the hugely popular technique of putting catchy headlines, sub-headlines and subject lines .

3. Adopt mobile-friendly style

The convenience factor in reading your email marketing messages has now become absolutely necessary in view of the increasing use of mobile devices by customers. Market surveys indicate that the emails are far more often checked and read on mobile devices as compared to the desktop.

4. Determine the right frequency

There is no fixed criterion to set the frequency at which you should send emails to the subscribers in your list. This frequency is contingent upon the nature and size of your business as well as the profile of such subscribers. You should undertake an exercise to analyze your open rates. When it becomes known to you as to what led your leads to respond to your marketing email, this knowledge can be employed to set the frequency of emails to all your customers belonging to that category. It will also be a productive idea to know the number of subscribers who want to opt out since it may be indicative of the fact that you are bombarding them with too many emails. If it is found to be so, you can always take some corrective action to set right frequency for your marketing emails.

5. Do proper segmenting

To optimize your email marketing efforts as also the results, it is advisable that you bring together customers into distinct groups based on their distinct identities, interests or worth to you. The more you target your prospective customers on these or any other viable lines, the better results you can expect to achieve by your email marketing campaign.

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    • 5 years ago

      Harpreet Kalsi   /   Reply

      Thanks for the sharing the email knowledge. Most important use on email marketing is for businesses man. Your five tips are good…………….

    • 5 years ago

      Simon   /   Reply

      Thanks for this great list.I really appreciate this information.I ll use 5 tips while doing email campaign.Please give me more tips for email marketing.

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