Flipkart’s Successful Venutre Using Digital Marketing

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There were days when we had to go to markets physically and buy the products and services. Now the world has almost become digital in everything we do. Shopping has become an easy task by based on some clicks.

Flipkart is an e-commerce company formed in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The Company was formed in Singapore and has its headquarters in Bangalore. Flipkart has its own range of products also. The Flipkart model revolves around connecting buying and sellers using E-commerce platform. Flipkart’s customer base has been increasing on daily basis.

Flipkart has introduced various kinds of payment methods like cash on delivery, online payment, credit card, card swipe on delivery. The main reason that why Flipkart has launched different modes of payment is for convenience to customer for the shopping.

Every Company in today’s world revolves around different objectives. If a company does not have objectives then there is no use of its existence.

Business Goals of Flipkart

  • Providing the Products and services digitally
  • Setting a trend and starting a new Concept of E- Shopping
  • Diversification of all different products
  • Easy Reach to all people
  • Helping Audience to Know about all the Sales and Promotions on Various events

Digital Marketing Strategy Adopted By Flipkart

Flipkart has been using digital marketing strategy in various ways. The main aim of digital marketing strategy adopted by Flipkart was:

1. To create brand awareness
2. Position a brand in such a way that customers always prefer Flipkart than any other e-commerce site when it comes to shopping
3. Helping customers in solving their complaints, if any and solving their queries as well
4. Engaging customers

Social Media Channels Used To achieve the Objectives

Flipkart has been using various Social Media channels in order to fulfill its objectives. Flipkart uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Affiliate Marketing in order to get its objectives attained.

1.Twitter- Flipkart has been using Twitter for announcing launch of new services and products. Twitter for Flipkart is one of the most important tool because it is through Twitter that Flipkart do conversations with its customers and provide quick responses. Also, it is only through Twitter that Flipkart tells its customers the latest technology that has been launched in Flipkart portal and how this technology can be of use to customers. So, through Twitter, Flipkart fulfills the objective of providing information of all its products and services.

2.Facebook- Facebook is a site where almost every individual is present. Flipkart uses Facebook to provide question and answer updates. There is a special feature provided by Flipkart on Facebook that is giving Customer Support. The Facebook Pages of Flipkart are always updated with any festival that is near or any live event that is happening.  So through Facebook Flipkart is able to fulfill its objective of helping customers in solving their queries and complaints. Also Facebook page of Flipkart gives updates of all promotions and sales that are about to get started or are already there for its customers. Thus, Flipkart through this way achieves the objective of giving information about promotions to its customer base.

3.Blogs- Blogs are very commonly used by Flipkart. Company gives all the information about different industry related workshops, seminars etc. on blogs. Also on blogs, the various industry events that are about to happen are also posted. Thus, fulfilling the objective of brand awareness.

4.Google Plus- Google Plus is used by Flipkart for brand promotion by giving updates related to sales and promotions.

5.Affiliate Programmes- Flipkart uses affiliate programmes by giving banner ads and thus driving traffic to Flipkart’s website.

Results Achieved by Flipkart

1.Maximum Feedback – Flipkart through its Blogs and account on Twitter has been receiving maximum feedback’s from its Customers. Thus this is helping Flipkart to achieve its objective of Solving Complaints and queries of Customers. This Objective is Acheieved through twitter as already discussed above

2.Maximum Reach- Flipkart has been able to reach a large customer base. It has been observed that people who prefer online shopping majority of them prefers to use Flipkart as one of the plat form. Thus helping Flipkart achieve the objective of easy reach to all people. Also through Facebook, Twitter this is possible for Flipkart to achieve this objective.

3. New Products addition- Flipkart has been able to add different product line and in turn different varieties in each product lines. Thus, achieving the objective of diversification of products.

4.Upgradation Of technology Every Time- Flipkart achieves upgrades its platform every time when any new technology is launched. Thus giving customers a plat form equipped with latest technology


When a new Company is launched today then the first thing that is done is to create a digital presence of that company … Digital Presence means that a brand should be in front of eyes of the Customer on few clicks. Flipkart has been increasing its revenues on every hour basis just on few Clicks. Flipkart is an example for all the start ups that how Social Media if used properly can give great results. Flipkart is a market where people go daily using their phones or Systems to Shop by making just few Clicks. Thus, Flipkart has been seeing great results from what all social media strategies hey have been using. This is a true example of how brands can be successful using digital Marketing.

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