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Focus On Engagements Other Than Likes, Favourites And +1’s !!

Focus On Engagements Other Than Likes, Favourites And +1’s !!

FaceBook Like Button by GlockStoreDigital marketing has proved to be great for certain companies but we have also seen some of the disastrous results of it as well. It’s like a magic wand or the best sword but it depends on who is using it and where they are using it.

We have heard marketing teams planning their campaigns with an idea to get just more likes on Facebook or favorites on twitter or +1 on G+. Dude if the first aim or vision of a campaign is to get more like without even understanding the value its going to bring to the brand then the chances of success of that campaign is very less.

Once you have decided what are you going to do marketing about, who is your target audience, what demographics you want to choose, age limit and interests and everything then we come to the main point of the campaign – What are you looking to gain from this campaign. Are you looking to get more likes on your page,more visitors to your blog or website or you want more and more people to watch your posts.

Don’t be happy by just seeing the likes.Keep these points in mind while you are reading your analytics:
  • Getting likes on your Facebook page is the easiest thing to do. STOP IT !!

Stop wasting your money by running an ad to just get more Facebook page likes. We commonly hear people saying we need 10,000 likes on our page. The fact is getting these 10,000 like will not guarantee your posts in the users newsfeed even if they have liked the page. So what’s the use of buying that like which cannot be your potential customer tomorrow?

  • Think what you need – Dimaaglagao !

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Put your brains and understand what you need. Do you want spend money and keep on increasing just the numbers on the page or you want to get some value out of it?

What do you want? Do you want the users to visit your website,blog or you want them to explore your new products or buy those products. Do you want to reach to maximum number of people through your posts? Or continue getting some likes for your page by pouring money.

  • What does data say – Result kyahai ??

After you have understood what you want to achieve, check out how the data speaks about fulfilment of your requirement. This section provides clarity. You will understand that whether you are achieving what you want or not. You will understand that just getting likes will never help your cause and running behind it will be a big spoiler for your brand.

  • Think beyond page likes!!

I don’t want to explain you about different types of marketing campaigns available under Facebook ads and different campaigns you can plan in other Medias as well. You all are well aware of that. Making sure that your post or tweet reaches to the masses is more important than getting few like numbers as these numbers will never help you achieve the real objective.

Getting more users/consumers via your marketing campaign for your product and services will make more sense for you. Isn’t it.

Focus on the end result rather than some lame numbers.Untitled

  • Really want to test your marketing campaign – Spend Zero Money !!

Do you really think you have got the feel of marketing of your brand? Do one think stop spending a single penny on any ads and still get the same numbers which you are getting by throwing some money in the ads.This will test your real skills and also the quality of content that your brand has been putting on the social media.

If you think your ads have worked perfectly. Gaining 10,000 likes on the page has worked brilliantly for you and helped you to get loyal Facebook followers who have liked your page because they like your content. Then you will surely be able to get almost same results or even better if you do not spend any money.

Do you think those people who have liked the post will even see your post in their newsfeed?  Even if they see is the quality of content so good that they will engage with it. All these questions can be answered once you run this campaign and check the results in analytics.

If the result is negative then its time you focus on creating awesome content and stop wasting money.

Marketing doesn’t mean spending money over ads
Think beyond Likes !!

About the Author

Vikash Singh is an avid blogger, a sales & marketing professional and a social media enthusiast who loves to analyze human behavior and there reactions towards various marketing campaigns. His mantra says – You can do marketing for anything if you just know two things – your product/service and your customers.

Image Credits: Google

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