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Follow These 3 Simple Tips And Create Right Ads For A Profitable SEM Campaign

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There are various tips one can use to create good ads to run a profitable SEM campaign. Let us discuss 3 simple tips one should remember while creating a good successful ad campaign:

headlineTip 1: Impressive Headline

The headline of your ad plays a very important role in making your ad visible in searches. It consists of 25 characters which one can use to create a striking headline. A strong and striking headline should be used to make a statement regarding your ad. There are various ways in which one can think of coming up with an impressive headline. If the ad is targeting generic keywords, one should go for descriptive headlines. Here, the description should include details about your product or service. For ads targeting searches on brand name, one must go for including the name of the company or the brand in the headline. This is required in order to get the top position when the name of the brand or the company is used in any search.

Tip 2: Include Keywords In Your Copy And Create Multiple Ads

Another way to make a profitable SEM campaign is to include the keyword in the ad copy wherever possible. This helps in reinforcing the relevance of one’s ad to the viewer who is making a search and through this they will be able to see value in your offering. The help that Google provides is that it will make the keywords and its synonyms in the ad, bold which will really pop up the ad in the search process. One must also keep in mind not to unnecessarily stuff the ad with keywords. Only very relevant ones should be used, which can bring about positive results. Unnecessary stuffing of keywords can make the ad look unnatural and make the message ambiguous. One can make multiple trials to see which keywords are bringing about better results. The ones which are not doing well should be replaced with alternatives which could optimize the results.

Another important aspect to be remembered is to create multiple ads and not rely on just one ad for your campaign. At least 2 to 3 ads should be included in the campaign and ad groups. This way one can check which ads are performing better and which are not. The networks also play a key role in finding the best performing version. One can set the ad rotation feature to get higher number of clicks. One can try out various permutations and combinations to create multiple ads. For example, keeping the headline same and changing the ad, then keeping the ad same and changing the headline. This way one can track which combination is working out well and giving good results. Also, ads can be created which highlight a specific feature of your product. The bottom line is to compete with the competition and capture the customer so as to increase ones revenue. Hence, it is important to try out different messages and run them to evaluate the performance. While doing so, one will realize that the one that you thought was the best, failed the test while some other version did the trick. Once you arrive at a winner, different variations of that ad can be tested and the low performers can be paused.

Tip 3: Qualify Your Customers And Include A Call To Action

It is very important to get relevant and good quality clicks when we run a campaign. It is very easy to get high volume clicks but whether these clicks can bring about any conversions, need to be checked. This is because, we may find many viewers clicking the ad and landing on the website page, however, they may not buy any product and this will lead to revenue loss in addition to the cost for the click. Hence, it is very vital to ensure that the viewers who click the ad are relevant and are interested in the product. This might lead to less number of clicks; however, chances of getting revenue out of them will be higher. For example, if in comparison to the price at which the competition is selling a product, your product is more expensive, then it is beneficial to mention that price in the ad. This way, the viewers clicking on that ad will be genuinely interested in buying the product after having seen the price of the same. This might screen off the other viewers who would have probably visited the website but not purchased the product due to its price, hence bringing down the traffic landing on the website.

A common mistake that marketers make is to not put a “call-to-action” at the end of the ad text. A call-to-action is basically a direction or next step shown to the customer who is interested in the product. This way one can tell the customers what they should be doing once they land on your website. For this, one should be sure of what the ultimate goal of the ad is, is it to increase downloads, bring on leads, or increase one’s sales revenue? Once we are sure of one’s final goal, we can tell the customer what is the next step that needs to be taken and this will automatically bring about an increase in the number of customers on your website. The only thing one needs to remember is to ensure that the content on the landing page is concurrent with the ad and the call-to-action, so that there is enough clarity and no confusion in the minds of the customer.

In this way, one can use these steps to create ads and run a successful and profitable SEM campaign.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      SEM is a very useful and one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Understanding the requirements of the advertising objective, the marketer will have to frame their strategy. Using appropriate keywords, headlines, Call-to-Action etc. will help in handling SEM efficiently.

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