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Follow These 5 Steps To Grow Business On LinkedIn

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Grow your business using LinkedinThere are number of different ways to grow your business online. It  can be very overwhelming  with all the different  tools and resources that are available for yourself, for your business, for your brand. But I think that there is one critical tool that is LinkedIn  which  you cannot afford  to overlook. There are various social media  channel that are available like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook for all the things happening online and still lots of sites coming on but LinkedIn is really the main one, when you want to grow your business, you all want more leads, traffic and sales, Keeping in mind that  there is a little different approach when you use LinkedIn  in order to get those leads, traffic and sales.

There is a great saying “You can have everything you want in life if you just help other people to get what they want” and I think that’s a really great quote and a great message for all your business and life, but it comes specific when using LinkedIn. Follow These 5 Steps To Grow Business On LinkedIn.

complete profileComplete your Profile:

This goes for all the social media channels where your account is active to make sure to complete your profile, In LinkedIn lot of people  set up their profile , they may be fill out completely with all the details like your school, profession, bio, Company currently working  and all that and according to you it  may be even completed 100% based on linkedIn’s  terms, but think over it again, it is not that easy to market yourself, You need to make it really compelling advance applications, tell people who you are, who you help and how you help them and you need to share really your story throughout your entire profile . So you need to complete your profile in an extra ordinary way. People should not feel like you are simply posting your resume and applying for job, or company is just putting up its profile and praising itself.

increase your connectionIncrease your Connections:

Make sure to connect with everyone, don’t just connect with your personal connections that you have, don’t connect with the only people who you already know, Connect to the people beyond that, start branching out in reaching out to new people that you want to connect with, it may be people in your industry, other leaders, people in local market, the more you connect with interesting people, the people whom you don’t know, the more opportunities you have to expand and grow. Increasing connection beyond your friend circle increases the chances of gaining insights on the current industry trend, it widens your horizon in the terms of knowledge, as the people whom you connect will share lots of valuable information related to your industry, you will come to know more current happenings in your interest market.

 EndorseEndorse and Recommend:

Endorse and recommend other people you know, who deserves, who fits in the role. The best way to receive endorsement and recommendations is to give them first. So if you are just going through some of your close friends and colleagues profile and find them suitable for the position then start endorsing them for the skills that they have  and recommending them for the same, leave a nice little message on their profile like in the form of testimonials which other people can also see, appreciate them for the skill they have and write for them on how good they are in their job or  in doing the business and so on. People will also appreciate you for this genuine gesture. They will also recommend you, endorse you for the good skills which you have.

Linkedin Circle Create relevant Groups:

Make sure you create your own targeted LinkedIn group, for e.g. if you are a digital marketer then you can create your own group called digital marketing network, and get similar people of industry, who are interest to get connected. This step allows you to have more influence in digital industry. Post relevant content in that group, Post some nice illustrations regarding to your industry through which they can learn, which is useful to them in implementing in their industry for their progress. Post current trends, blogs, or even quotes or inspirational message. Post in such a way that it makes the topic interesting and useful to the readers. Send a message at least once a week to the members  this allows you to  to get more traffic, more leads and more sales, Hence this is very important step, make sure you create your own social group on LinkedIn and give and receive knowledge.

optimiseOptimize your Profile:

Optimize your profile for search rankings, just like you would do on Google to optimize your website for keywords, you should do the same thing on LinkedIn, people are searching every single day for experts, for leaders, for consultants, for freelancers, to hire, to solve problems in their business, so you have to ensure  that you add specific keywords throughout your entire profile , For example if you are a digital Marketer, think of the terms that are relevant to digital marketing services, list down the services which you provide  in such a way that it acts as your keyword. Include main term that is digital marketing in your profile. In short think of search terms that people will search for and try to include all that in your profile. Once you do that you start to see your profile name move up the rankings on LinkedIn. You will be definitely found by the people and it will increase your credibility.

These are the basic and easy steps that you should you follow to boost up your business using LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account that act right now and implement these steps and see the change.

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