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Forever 21 is one of the leading fashion brands worldwide. Today, it is known to be the 5th largest specialty retailer in The United States Of America. Forever 21 started its journey in 1984, with the opening of its first store in Los Angeles. Previously, the store name was Fashion 21 but with gradual growth in sales from $35,0000 to $7,00,000 the founder reestablished the brand success through the opening of various stores in the time-span of six months with the name of Forever 21.


Forever 21 is on of the most celebrated brand names by most of the style conscious and brand freak buyers. Forever 21 has become the best quality and cost-effective branded store all over the world. Forever 21 is expanding rapidly, exhibiting a new and exciting collection every time, with a consistent flow of funky artistic clothing patterns and oozing accessories to complete your entire sassy look, that too in perfect pricing. A renowned phenomenon in the world of fashion, Forever 21 offers its shoppers with an upgraded and up-to-the-minute clothing collection of today’s fashions, which changes with everyday change in style.


Basic Agenda of Forever 21

Forever 21 has been dedicated towards its achievements. From past 30 years, the brand has done some incredible accomplishments in the fashion industry. The main aim of Forever 21 is to become  $8 billion company by 2017 and to open about 600 more stores all over the world in upcoming three years. This task is really challenging, and it will be very exciting for the followers how this goal will be accomplished successfully by the brand. Earlier, it took over 30 years by Forever 21 to become a renowned name.

Tracking Sales With Implementation Of Mobile Ecosystem Strategy

As per ADX, Forever 21 has elevated the volume of its quality audience. The following are the accomplishments using the mobile marketing campaigns;

1. 20% Hike rate in CTR.

2. Consistency in the mobile conversion rates, maintaining the criteria of 15% of desktop conversion rates.

3. Within maintained ROAS structure, the volume of the overall campaign is hiked by 15%.

The basic idea behind the strategy was to get an overview about the number of users that use mobile to stay online for the day long. With the practice of mobile web marketing campaign, Forever 21 got a chance to scale their online and mobile business faster.

Benefit of ADXADX

Average Direct Index (ADX) is a trend strength indicator, which plays a major role in verifying the credibility of a new trend/strategy irrespective of its rating. In both the cases; up and down the ADX will give you a reliable data figure. ADX is one of the most powerful and reliable sources of quality inventory at international level.

Reach through Mobile

Forever 21 has launched streaming CRM for a fragmented mobile market solution and also the reach that ADX facilitates with on a flash-free entry of any customer. The HTML ads introduced by Forever 21 has easy reach to all the mobile phones, that help in increasing the market rate.

Quality of the audience

By not just focusing broadly on the quantity of audience, ADX has successfully driven quality audience. Also, ADX has increased the amount of website users available to brands that have not been even there before. ADX has the ability to attract more audience, by targeting the suitable audience.

Learnings From The Case Study

# A brand can accomplish several goals with a successful mobile marketing campaign. It helps the brand to maintain consistency in  mobile conversion rates.

# Role of ADX: It helps in verifying the credibility of a new trend/strategy created by a brand irrespective of its rating.

# Launch of CRM for a fragmented mobile market solution.

# How forever 21 focused on attaining quality audience rather than getting quantity audience.

# It was impressive to see how Forever 21 increased the amount of website users who have not ever been there earlier.

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