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Four Obstacles Marketers Face in Selling Inbound Internally

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Promoting a company by creating and sharing content in various forms such as blogs, video tutorials, interactive eBooks, social media marketing and SEO are how we define inbound marketing. By producing and developing interesting content, it aims to bring customers closer to the brand. With targeted content, your marketing becomes helpful to customers and less interruption.

Though businesses of all sizes have substantially gained with the use of this marketing model, there are a lot of challenges that marketers face in managing their digital marketing efforts.

Here are some of them with suggestions to overcome:

1. Lack of understanding of inbound marketing

Problem: Being a new concept, not many people know what this is all about. And for some, there is still resistance, doubt and procrastination about inbound marketing in general.

Solution: Familiarize your marketing and management teams with terms like calls-to-action and search engine optimization. Show with the help of examples and case studies how inbound marketing is crucial to your success. To make your marketing dollars work smarter, make the cost effective inbound marketing a part of your overall marketing plans ASAP.

2. No framework in place

Problem: Being a recent development, inbound marketing lacks a framework or a defined structure. There are inadequate metrics to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign.

Solution: Evaluate where you stand by conducting audits of what you have accomplished online so far. What tools are you using to integrate inbound marketing and to track your success?  Do you provide high quality, powerful and relevant content? How frequently does it get shared via social media? The answer to such questions will help you to step-up in the online marketing game.

3. No content to work with

Problem: It is targeted content that will drive targeted prospects to your website and turn them into leads. Lack of a content strategy leads to inefficient marketing and frustration throughout the organization.

Solution: Content plays a pivotal role in shaping up your company’s stature in the market. Once everyone at your company has learned about inbound marketing and have established a framework for its working, you must shift your focus to building content for it. The more compelling content you produce, the more leads you will achieve.

4. Unsure how to get it all going

Problem: The way people shop has drastically changed. Sales are going inbound and you need content to attract people. You need to evolve your selling. So, how should you go about doing that?

Solution: Inbound marketing is no “rocket science”. It’s not really challenging if you have a good understanding of social media, website design, SEO and have a great team of writers for creating blog posts and landing pages.

But before you start blogging, you must first identify your target persona and understand their needs. Regularly update your blogs. Track your activities and analyze results.

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