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Four ways to assure that facebook contests attract genuine fans

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One aim of a successful Facebook contest should be to enroll fans who are genuinely interested in you, while avoiding cheaters and fake fans who are only interested in material gain. Are you thinking of running a contest on Facebook? Below given five tips will help you to ensure that your contests attract genuine fans.

1. Award suitable prizes
Never offer attractive prizes that have nothing to do with your brand. A free vacation trip will not only attract fans who are interested in beauty products, but pretty much anyone who sees the contest. A suitable gift award deflects the prize hunters who hide post your posts or unlike your page as soon as the prize have been awarded. Award prizes that develop interest of your current or future customer. If your contest attracts entries from people who have no reason to become your customer, then change it immediately.

When you choose the right award, you protect against attracting cheaters and opportunist.

2. Choose your winners carefully
Many contests use the system of votes or point collection to choose their finalist or winners. These methods boost engagement, animate the campaign, and increases the chances of contests going viral. But they should never be the only methods employed in choosing customers. Awarding prizes to photo submission that have collected maximum votes, or to the scorer of the quiz is a sure way to excite cheaters or prize hunters to distort your game rules. They may enroll as fake participants who have no interest in your brand, find correct answers or generate dummy votes in one of the many online forums about game competition.

For the image contest, assign a jury to choose your winner. In a quiz, select the winner by choosing participants who gave maximum correct responses.

3. Impose identification using Facebook app
Some Facebook contest doesn’t require beginners to install the app on their profile in order to participate because the providers think that app installation may decrease the number of participants. But this is actually untrue. Providing Facebook app installation request does not reduce the number of participants. It’s relatively easy for people to create numerous fake email accounts, but its more challenging and time consuming for them to create a large number of fake Facebook accounts. Facebook is regularly policing fake accounts and deleting them.

4. Allow sharing options, but with care
Reward those customers who invite their friends to participate in your contest, as they are indirectly helping you in your campaign. But at the same time this tactic can also increase the risk of attracting participants who have no value to your business. You have to limit this type of engagement if your product is much focused or at a niche audience.

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