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Make Money with Freelance Affiliate Marketing Jobs in India

Freelance affiliate marketing jobs

Freelancing is tied in with trading time for money. Most of the freelancing jobs that you see today are actually the results of the Digital revolution across the world. However, what if you want to make more money with freelancing without investing lots of your time- Freelance Affiliate Marketing is the solution for you, as this will help you generate passive income in the easiest and most automated way possible.

Freelance Affiliate Marketing can be understood as referral marketing that helps marketers earn a commission.

In Freelance Affiliate Marketing Work, you refer a new client to a business that offers an affiliate program and in return, you will get paid. Let us understand this with an example- Imagine you are a Flipkart Affiliate and you recommend a product and people buy the same product via your affiliate link then Flipkart will pay you a fixed percentage of the sale- This is how Freelance Affiliate Marketing works.

Below given five steps will guide you understand how you can make money via freelancing in Affiliate Marketing-

5 Steps to Learn Freelance Affiliate Marketing

1. Know What is Freelance Affiliate Marketing

Freelance affiliate marketing
Working of affiliate marketing

Freelance Affiliate marketing is basically an association between a merchant and a publisher (Affiliate Marketer). The publisher can use unique tracking links of the Affiliate Program of the merchant for promoting particular products and services.

Imagine you are that publisher and anyone from your audience clicks on those links and buys a product from the site of your merchant- you will earn a commission.

Of all the different approaches to make money online, Freelance Affiliate Marketing from home is least demanding. Let us understand the basics to get started with Freelance Affiliate Marketing here in this section, and later we will discuss the process in detail-

  • To start your Affiliate Marketing, first, you need to choose a niche
  • Then you should research for the potential affiliate products and services that suit your niche
  • Go with an affiliate program that has a good reputation
  • Use different ways to promote your affiliate products
  • Use best Digital Marketing Practices to share your website, squeeze page, blog, or affiliate links
  • To make your business legal, you should take care of business licensing and business laws in your location

2. Know different Parts of Affiliate Marketing

To understand Freelance Affiliate Marketing, it is very important to understand below given four parts of Affiliate Marketing-

The Affiliate Merchant

Freelance affiliate marketing
Relation amongst affiliate merchant, affiliate marketer (affiliate) and customer

Affiliate Merchant can be understood as the company or retailer or a brand that creates an item/product or service and offers it to sell via Affiliate networks

The Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketers are actually the distributors or advertisers who advertise one or more affiliate products, items or services and enjoy the commission offered by the Merchant or Affiliate Network

The Consumer

When the Affiliate Marketing Campaign run by Affiliate Marketers converts the consumers for Affiliate Marketing Merchant, only then commissions are distributed and that is why targeting consumers on the channels wherever they are present is must for Affiliate Marketers

The Network

Freelance affiliate marketing
Role of affiliate network

Affiliate Network is the link between Affiliate Merchant and Affiliate Marketer. It helps marketers find the products that suit their niche and allows them to market, ensure conversions and enjoy the commission. Affiliate networks actually act as a database of variety of products and services available to advertise via Freelance Affiliate Marketing.

3. Know the Product type & Create a Website

To be a successful Affiliate Marketer, you should know the product types that you can expertly promote via Affiliate Marketing. You can go through different Affiliate Programs like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and choose a category. Going with those products you are well aware of and can offer relevant information on your site, is considered prudent Freelance Affiliate Marketing practice.

If you already have a website then choosing a product accordingly is advisable, and if you do not have any website then creating a website as per your expertize is the next thing you need to do once you choose your product type.

  • You should create a website or blog that can assist you in channelizing your Affiliate Marketing Campaign
  • Your website should not only target your audiences but also inform them about the product and services you are going to promote via Freelance Affiliate Marketing, as this will help you establish credibility with your audiences to boost conversions
  • People do not enjoy to be sold all the time and that is why offering non-sales information via your site or blog is very important. Setting up a squeeze page for building an email list is also used by marketers to promote affiliate products

4. Sign-up for an Affiliate Program and add Affiliate Link to your Site

Once you create a website as per your niche, the next important thing is signing up for an affiliate program. While choosing an affiliate program, checking their commission rate and market reputation is very important.  Below given is the list of some of the top Affiliate Marketing Programs in India-

India’s Top Freelance Affiliate Marketing Programs are-

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • TripAdvisor
  • BigRock
  • GoDaddy

Look at Amazon commission rates & Flipkart commission rates to have an idea about these Affiliate programs.

After signing up for an Affiliate Program, you are required to add your affiliate link to your blog or website. Let us understand how you can add your affiliate link to your site via this Amazon Affiliate program example-

  • First, you should log in to your Affiliate Program and then do product search
  • Then select the product, customize your link and get HTML
Freelance affiliate marketing
Getting affiliate link
  • Finally, for Text Only Amazon add on your site, you need to copy and paste that link in the HTML editor of your site
Freelance affiliate marketing
How to paste affiliate link into site

5. Know India’s top Affiliate Networks for Freelancers

To get the best Freelance Affiliate Marketing Jobs from home in India, you should know the best Affiliate networks in India. Below given is the list of ten best Affiliate networks in India that offer CPS (Cost per Sale), CPI (Cost per Install) and CPA (Cost per Action) Affiliate Marketing Programs of reputed brands like Flipkart,, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

India’s Best Freelance Affiliate Marketing Networks

Commission Junction

Freelance affiliate marketing
Commission junction

It has the ability to achieve a huge number of customers shopping on the web by means of its Affiliate Marketing system. You can pick this Freelance Affiliate Marketing Network to get a lot of CPS, CPL, CPS, CPM, CPI, CPD offer of big businesses. It is well known for its reasonable and straightforward partnerships. It likewise guarantees convenient payout and incredible help


Freelance affiliate marketing

Was established in 2008, vCommission is India’s one of the best Freelance Affiliate Marketing Networks which is also the best place to discover a great deal of CPA, CPI, CPC and CPS offers. You can make the most of their on-time payment in your account directly

Admitad India

Freelance affiliate marketing
Admitad india

A Germany based Affiliate Network that was propelled in India in 2015 and considered quite well for freelancing in Affiliate Marketing. You can discover Affiliate Marketing Jobs identified with Cost per Action (CPA) partner programs


Freelance affiliate marketing

Established in 2006, you can settle on Komli Affiliate Network for an assortment of CPA, CPS, PPC offers. Company pays in the middle of 30 to 60 days and you ought to send them your invoice each month


Freelance affiliate marketing

A part of Quotient Four Technologies (a company that is set up in Banglore) and you can select this one to discover a lot of CPS, and CPA Affiliate Marketing Jobs of Flipkart, Amazon, and other big brands

DGM India

Freelance affiliate marketing
Dgm india

Again, a decent Indian Affiliate system that includes affiliate offers of top brands. You can select this one for CPA, CPI, CPS, CPC, and sort of Freelance Affiliate Marketing Jobs


Freelance affiliate marketing

You can opt for AdUncle to enjoy many Indian and International CPA offers. It is quite good to enjoy some of the most presumed Freelance Affiliate Marketing jobs


Freelance affiliate marketing

Earlier it was acclaimed with the name OMG and is a standout amongst the most prevalent Freelance Affiliate Networks in India that is additionally an outstanding International Performance Marketing Network. Opt for this one to discover distinctive CPA, CPS and mobile offers to Optimise


Freelance affiliate marketing

A popular international Freelance Affiliate Marketing network that additionally also has Affiliate Network devoted to the Indian market. You can go for this one to locate some Indian and global Freelance Affiliate Marketing Jobs. You will get paid in Indian Rupees


Freelance affiliate marketing

It is one of the main Affiliate Networks, which for last 16 years, offers Performance Marketing Solutions. You can discover some lucrative CPS and CPA offers, besides; it gives many global offers too. It is very popular for its legit and reasonable business


Now that you have understood what freelance Affiliate Marketing is and how it works, the next thing that you can do is go through this guide on top Affiliate Marketing Tools and understand what are the best Affiliate Marketing strategies for you.

You should also try to implement aforestated steps on any of the most popular e-commerce sites in India such as Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal and practically understand the whole concept. These top 15 Affiliate Marketing Websites are a great source for you to earn money online.

Joining Digital Marketing Training is also considered quite useful in understanding the whole procedure of Freelance Affiliate Marketing, be it choosing the right product, creating a website or incorporating best Internet Marketing practices to advertise the chosen Affiliate products.

Want to know what would be the right Freelance Affiliate Marketing program for you? Ask our experts in comments below.

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