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‘How to use Social Media in marketing?’ is the question that every business online or offline should be asking themselves. The question has changed from why use social media for marketing to how to effectively use social media for marketing, because for the past few years’ social media has been gaining immense popularity and 2017 is going to see a further upward trend ineffective use of social media for marketing. In order to help businesses, incorporate social media tools in marketing, we have created a list of dos and don’ts of social media marketing that every business should keep in mind if they want social media to be a successful part of their marketing campaigns. Before diving into the details of how to use Social media in marketing, please find below a brief summary of benefits of social media marketing:

Benefits of Social Media in Marketing

Social media has been an effective platform for marketing managers to market their products successfully. It helps marketers in gaining the trust of their customer base and an easy way to increase their reach not only locally but globally. One of the biggest benefits of using social media in marketing is that, if used effectively social media for marketing allows successful inclusion of customers in marketing campaigns which makes them feel like a part of a business and increase their brand loyalty and helps businesses in establishing a loyal customer base. If you’re wondering how this happens?

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Then imagine yourself as a customer who is looking to purchase clothes online and then you come across an online store which has different social media pages where customers (real people) have posted reviews of the products they have bought, if the reviews are good your trust will automatically be built and you will be easily persuaded to purchase the product. Similarly, if you incorporate the effective use of social media for marketing your business, you can promote your products easily and build a positive brand image.

As social media marketing becomes more popular there are certain rules and regulations that you should know if you’re wondering how to use social media in marketing your business, and we have made it easier by formulating a list of Do’s and Donts of Social Media Marketing:

List of Do’s for Effective Use of Social Media Marketing

Update Content to Increase Reach

Updating and enhancing the content reusing the most favorable keywords will definitely increase the audience for the product. Sometimes, rearranging the content can also increase the keyword search in the SEO process. But if the content has not been able to create an audience you definitely have to change it. Your content should not just be a mixture of key-words, but if you are looking for effective use of social media marketing then you need to create engaging content with valuable information.

Content is the key to promoting your business and if you want to write appealing and engaging content then the key is to keep it simple, divide it into simple to understand and catchy headings and make the titles unique and creative.

Make your content searchable

Try to make the content searchable, because if the content could not be searched properly even rewriting it, again and again, won’t solve anything. So, yes keep your content updated and check your audience after regular intervals but if there is a need to make a strategy regarding the optimized searching for the content.  Sometimes there might be a need for little experimentation with the content and the way of expressing it. It is all relative to adapting to the changing environment and starting to use it in a proper and innovative way.

Select Popular Marketing Forums

One definitely has to know the market of the product that you are offering. Interacting with people is one thing and interacting with the people who are interested in the product is another. Either you should be able to attract people using your products hype or you should be able to address people who are qualified enough to understand that what you are offering is actually right for them. For example, if you’re selling make-up, home-décor or clothes and you’re not using Pinterest for effective marketing of your product then you’re losing on increasing your reach. So, research on which platforms would prove more useful for marketing your product and then use them for promoting your products.


If you want to get successful surround yourself with successful people. Yes, networking with the right people will definitely enhance sales and production. Now, every different marketing forum provides interactive ways of marketing. Some forums allow creative and glittering content for your product, others give the ease to update videos and reviews regarding the product. Another interactive way of increasing marketing is the quick response chat assistance which is provided the moment someone opens the website.

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Starting a new business on the social media doesn’t mean that everything will go in your way, and sometimes even the smallest mistakes can turn your campaign upside down and make your customers leave. Leaving you with zero transacted money and a bad review. This is a greater crisis than not being able to sell anything using social media marketing. If social media provides benefits that you have a platform on which you could sell, market your products in the cheapest way then it does have some drawbacks as well. You are being evaluated on the reviews that you get and if you get something bad you get a bad review then you need to make it right. Therefore, you need to strategize effective if you are looking to promote your products and also deal with negative publicity effectively.

If you are asking the question? How to use Social media in Marketing? Then you need to invest in research on how you can use social media marketing effectively for your business, and one way of doing that could be?

How Companies Use Social Media for Marketing?  

If you are new to the world of Social Media Marketing, then analyzing what other companies are doing, and how they are using social media for marketing could give you a good start on how you can use social media for marketing your business? There is no shame is analyzing how your competitors are using social media marketing? and then molding their strategies according to your products. Everyone is going to tell you to be unique, but that does not mean you cannot use what is working for your competitors.     

Use Influencers

Influencers have a great hold over consumers, and they affect the buying and selling decisions of online consumers. If you add influencers to your content and add their opinions your posts will automatically gain more popularity and credibility, and creating credibility should be your goal if you want to effectively use social media in marketing your business.

Add Visuals

Nobody likes reading through boring and long posts, but if you add interesting visuals, such as informative pictures, infographics and videos then your audience is more likely to show interest in your posts. Colors attract which is a fact and if you add colors and visuals to your posts your audience will automatically engage more with your posts because even if they don’t read the 10 minutes long post they might scan over the picture or watch the 2-minute video to get a gist of what you are saying.

Be Creative and Share Solutions

Nobody likes reading about the same things over and over again, nobody would want to probably read about what your product does, but if you are sharing solutions then engagement on your posts is likely to be high. Consumers are knowledge and solution-oriented now and if you want to create appealing content then you need to write about solutions for different problems your audience could have. The key is to focus on your audience/consumers rather than your own products. One of the ways for engaging your audience effectively on Social Media can be creating challenges and offering rewards in return, this will not only increase your popularity amongst your existing audience but will also urge them to promote your business to others. 

List of Don’ts of Social media marketing

Long Response Timing     

What happens if you walk in an outlet and you need to look for a person. Only a single gesture like this could damage the whole effort that was put into marketing for the client. Do not put jeopardize your audience with non-availability of response. The same is the case with the social media marketing if a person has to wait to be responded he/she will preferably tend to lose interest in the product. But if the audience is greeted lively and properly guided with what it wants that creates a bond of understanding and trust between the buyer and the purchaser.

Ignoring Customer Feedback  

On a social media market, the privileges of the client have to be of paramount importance. If there is a bad review regarding the product one has to logically understand what the client is asking and respond regarding the situation. Being on the marketing end one must know that if you are even offended by the buyer’s reviews you have to respond to their comments in a polite and professional way. Ignoring the comments won’t solve anything, it might even hurt your marketing place among the social media marketing market.

Boosting your Achievements

In a neutral scenario, a word of mouth from a known person changes the mind of the person looking to buy something from a place. The same is the case in social media marketing if as a marketing company you market your product and then also present your achievements that won’t make a difference in what a person is thinking regarding the company. It is actually same as being hired for a position in a company if you try too hard to get the job the people interviewing you will find you desperate. Being desperate to get hired can right away lessen your value. Similarly, you praising your own products is obviously what you’re supposed to do, but if you want to use social media marketing effectively then you need other people to praise your products as well. 

Not involving your followers

Definitely, you have to build a network involving different customers from all over the world. So, why not keep them busy and involved with the company products. Ask them to get involved in surveys and help to take proper measures to enhance sales. Involving the followers into writing for you and giving away your products as gifts could also increase the number of users of the products. Many good websites do not make activities for their users to keep them. When a certain limit of followers is there then a company cannot survive by just sending their recent updates to the users either using texts or emails. One has to come up with innovative ideas to keep their customers to keep buying from them.

Don’t Copy

Remember how we told you that you can see how other businesses are using social media marketing if you don’t know where to start from, and then mold their strategies for your own social media growth. Follow that advice but in a unique way and don’t copy anything from other businesses or your competitors. There is no harm in taking the idea and then molding it according to your own needs, but you cannot copy an entire campaign from another business and then present it as your own. 

Social Media Marketing has become a backbone of digital marketing, whether you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization of your business, or finding different platforms for promoting your products and increasing your followers, you need to know how to use Social Media in Marketing and some of the above tips will help you kick-start your social media marketing campaigns. It is also important to remember that every business has unique requirements and what works for someone else might not work for you and vice-versa, so if you are trying to find out how to use Social Media in Marketing then you should also know the unique benefits your business can offer, or even if you don’t have any unique benefits, try to present them as unique and sell solutions to your customers.

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