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Fundamentals Of An Effective Digital Strategy Defined At The 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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With the predominance of several marketing strategies, an area on which the marketers should lay emphasis on is digital strategy. The ideal way is to conceptualize the entire strategical moves and anticipate the implications of the digital strategy that one wishes to apply. Interestingly, to suffice the purpose, there are certain essential prerequisites or the fundamentals of an effective digital strategy.

At the 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI, several eminent industry leaders, speakers and influencers shared their insightful views on how to work upon the challenges of seamless digital experience with totally synced business & technology. The entire focus was laid on which fundamentals or basic concepts to rely upon so as to witness the effectiveness in the digital strategy to be framed.

The session moderator Raj Singh, Managing Director, Techmobia briefed about the broader areas on which the session was supposed to be led on. He substantiated that areas like: marketing, sales, Client Relationship Management (CRM) should be taken up and a complete integration of the entire strategy is the fundamental key to success.  Here is what the panelists had to say:

Subhash Kelkar, CIO, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts

One of the panelists Mr. Subhash highlighted upon two important points for an effective digital marketing strategy:

  • Change in business process: For example response time on a tweet differs from that of a response time on an email. So, it is important to lay emphasis on the SLA’s.
  • Having consistency across channels for your business: Customers want to get answers then and there and not offline. So, immediate response is a key element to work upon.

Thus, to ensure the speed of response and consistency level, there are necessary tools to leverage upon on different channels like writing a blog, posting photos on Facebook, tweets on Twitter to win the confidence of the customer. You need tools, automated alerts and not rely on people for the response. We need to know more about the business for a digital strategy. To maintain the consistency, training the employees and development was crucial for the company for the effectiveness of the digital strategy. Moreover, he said that channel selection should be selected carefully by keeping in mind the practical concept.

Ranajoy Punja, Vice President & Head – Market Development, Global Data Center Business, Tata Communications

Another panellist, Ms. Ranajoy Punja from Tata Communications, India’s stated that in the digital journey, many new channels come up, service interface, sales interface etc. which are critical with social media, so user experience makes or breaks the decision. Technology is very critical for direct interaction on cloud platforms in the digital age. In such cases, IT, sales and marketing operations should be leveraged well for which a robust structure is what is required. The cloud solution allows the time and agility to go into new markets. So, having an infrastructure will surely support that and cloud based security solutions become important to maintain the same level. He also said that content delivery networks are crucial too, so for having global solutions to the same, it is important to leverage on the cloud solutions for an effective digital strategy.

Security for CIO’s is the No.1 concern as new news on hacks are coming up almost daily. So, we offer a lot of cloud based security solutions to manage your infra and allowing to protect your data. So, it is important to adequately deploy the solution as it is security concerns are involved. It is a good trade off which at the same time protects your data.

Vibhore Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, InfoEdge India

Primarily, the product or service that is offered is crucial. The consumers are important. How to reach them and support them through immediate responses is another major underlying factor. Ecosystem has evolved through Facebook, Twitter etc., besides this, Google searches and ads are feasible. Blog forums give you the knowledge on how to harness and understand the system to be able to understand the issues. The relevance and application of the technology should be understood just because names like hadoop and big data are used, does not mean one should to go for it.

Smartphones and feature phones allow users to access website and allow compatible for decent consumer experience. Mobile first is the first thing to go in for to support the customers for their convenience which is essential in this digital world.

Prashant Pillai, Director- Business Development & Strategic Marketing, Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters’ Business Development Director, Mr. Prashantstated that one of the key things noticed was that online brand protection is not a marketing issue but it is a business issue. There is a challenge to build and sustain the digital presence. But, there is a need for online protection of the brand so as to avoid any liabilities. So, it is essential to think a comprehensive online brand protection strategy within the organization. Also, the strategy should cover all digital channels which is a business issue that should be altered within the time. In India, consumer type interfaces are building up that involves a great thought on the online brand protection strategy.

Arokia Nathan, Head – Technology, Dainik Bhaskar Digital

Mr. Nathan affirmed that the user is shifting his interest from website to wap site to app site. No loyalty from customers can be witnessed as they compare the competitors. For instance, if any breaking news is not delivered immediately, if expectations are not met immediately, then loyalty gets lost. The user requires own preferred news and information & not generic one. So, the company is trying to move to app site to suffice the process for project delivery in the right time. Moreover, speed will be a core competence area.

There is no unification analytics on website, wap site and app site. So that is being done from the company’s end. The technological revolution that happened within the organization brought about the desired result. However, he said that data decision is a big question. It should well understood and applied upon to leverage upon the best and effective digital strategy.

Rakshit Kapoor, Country Head, Buongiorno

Buongiorno is the evolutionary link from computer that does content and mobile centric networking. Rakshit stated that the feature phone traffic dropped from 90% to 70%, due to which the company opted for digital conceptualization. However, from the monetization point of view, they opted for the career billing route to download the content directly.  These were broad level strategic decisions taken especially for India.

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