What is the Future of Email Marketing?

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Email Marketing is still the driving force of some major conversions for e-businesses. But, frankly speaking, using emails to get the expected outcomes is a constantly evolving process and what is yielding results right now won’t be an integral part of the future of email marketing.

For email marketers, knowing how they can continue sending Emails to their prospects’ inbox to make conversions in the ever-changing environment is very important.

Actually, you can get deals from your prospects’ inbox- only if you can target and convince their Mind-Box.

You need to incorporate email-marketing strategies that can target your potential customers with more automated, appealing and engaging manner, but by using the emotional intelligence.

For sure, future of email marketing will be heading towards Artificial Intelligence (and we’ll talk about AI in this post as well), but still, the emotional intelligence would be the prime factor around which all other factors will work.

Future of Email Marketing

Ajay Prasad

While talking about Email Marketing, Ajay Prasad, President of GMR Web Team pays emphasis on establishing an emotional connection at the individual level and says-

Email marketing is becoming more and more custom tailored to each individual. From tracking consumer spending habits to their internet usage, marketers are using data to figure out exactly what users need and when they need it.
Even the language used can be personalized to different segments for more effective marketing.
As email marketing grows more and more popular, however, people will become desensitized to such messages. They may begin blocking or marking emails as spam if they do not seem authentic.
That’s why so many campaigns are focused on providing immediate value free of charge before they try to sell any products.

Another expert, Zoe Belisle-Springer, who is Social Media & Content Executive at Phorest, claims that trend of bulk and impersonal email marketing will shift towards use of Artificial Intelligence to gauge the preference of existing and potential customers-

In 10 to 15 years from now, bulk and impersonal email marketing will undoubtedly be long gone. With email providers making it harder and harder for marketers to reach inboxes, we’ll see Artificial Intelligence and powerful algorithms come to the surface.
In fact, Artificial Intelligence – with tools like Alexa – will probably be used by customers to tell marketers how they want to be marketed to. With highly sophisticated interactive and personalized marketing campaigns, better targeting and real-time outreach, the conversion rates and ROI on email should see a dramatic increase – better than ever before.

Therefore, Email is not going to be replaced with any other means of online marketing- It is only going to be more automated but more personalized as well.

In the future of Email Marketing, you all will witness continued personalization of email as a norm.

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Machine learning will be more predominantly used for communicating things that of real importance for the users. Smooth channelization of prospects into the sales funnel would be the key.

Therefore, future of email marketing will be based on ensuring quicker, more comfortable and highly customized mobile shopping for the buyers.

Now, let us go through some of the trends that will be highly pervasive in the future trends of Email Marketing-

Key Trends that will rule the Future of Email Marketing

1. Hyper-Personalization will be the need of Great Importance

Personalization is just the same old thing, yet it’s ready to rule the future of Email Marketing by incorporating new means.

Customizing subject lines is not going to help in the future. Personalized use of list segmentation will be the key. It will assist you in putting your clients into records in light of client socioeconomics, preferences, and other rich information accessible to you about your existing and potential customers.

This can make it less demanding for you to send content to prospects that is significant to their interests. This will increase the odds that the recipient will open that mail.

In case you are not fitting your messages to singular needs of your targets, at that point you’re not making the real effort to understand your audiences. Concerning emails, individuals tend to sift through anything that is not of their use or interest. Along these lines, it turns out to be extremely troublesome for brands to convert.

Hyper personalization of your emails will have an immense effect.

In future, you may see emails whose content will change relying upon the time of opening the email. Some factors that will play a key role in the personalization of emails are-

Interactivity of Emails

Future marketers need search for chances to make their messages intuitive and more interactive.

This can help in an assortment of ways. Clients can rapidly put orders, advertisers can accumulate better information, it can help abbreviate the buy pipeline, et cetera.

These emails should empower beneficiaries to personalize their orders, add things to a shopping basket and have a better affair in the whole process.

Use of Chatbots also ensures the increase in email interactivity.

Use of Chatbots

Future of Email Marketing will see more use of Chatbots to gain traction. This will quicken and empower high quality, productive discussions between businesses and beneficiaries.

If used rightly, Chatbots can give extraordinary incentive to both your business and clients.

As an advertiser, you’ll have the capacity to utilize particular information from your clients to make a more appealing experience.

For the users, they will apparently have an individual at the tip of their fingers to help them out in some situations.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a Deciding Factor

2017 was the time when (AI) was more prominently discussed.

What’s more, 2018 is probably the year when advertisers see it in real life.

This technology is going to decide the future of Email Marketing. Future trends in email marketing will revolve around the use of Artificial Intelligence. The innovation can encourage measure and comprehend innumerable metrics on how clients associated with the content, generally in ways; advertisers could never comprehend without anyone else.

Chatbots is one such example we just discussed. They are basically AI-powered tools intended to streamline complex predefined undertakings without the requirement for a human to be included straightforwardly. They’re additionally changing the way email advertising is being completed.

Another example can be Siri– Presumably the most well-known bot of all.

Facebook Messenger has also come up with its own Chatbot, enabling organizations to collaborate with their clients in a propelled situation.

Actually, artificial intelligence, with their capacity to track singular client conduct, can send logically significant and customized emails and hence can help brands associate with their clients on a more individual level and connect with them the correct way that can eventually help support ROI.

With an ever-increasing number of clients utilizing numerous advanced platforms and needing data in a hurry, AI-powered features enable brands to get more information and discuss on different channels consistently. This additionally gives another vital help to advertisers in helping them keep a tab on the key metrics that can aid in streamlining and keeping track on changing business sector patterns.

By using AI, brands can eliminate the cost and time expected to recognize fragments and openings. This will enable them to create better, more pertinent substance for their audiences.

3. Utilization of Visuals will Increase

As specified, the interactivity of email is one of the most important future trends in Email Marketing.

This implies advertisers need to deploy new resources and systems in their messages to make their emails more interactive. Using visuals in emails is going to be one of the most important practices to make emails have the needed ability to interact.

Even the Future of Email Marketing in 2018 will likely to observe more use of GIFs, HTML5, and the inclusion of video in email messages to keep beneficiaries locked in.

Be that as it may, GIFs are not everything. Significant changes to email administrations like Gmail and updates on how Internet Service Providers render messages will empower email advertisers and planners to be more innovative with the emails they send to their targets.

So, be ready to see more visual and intuitive messages from highly savvy brands in near future. If you also want to be in the same very league, you should also start utilizing more visual elements in your emails.

4. Machine-to-Machine Correspondence will Rise

The scope of Email Marketing is experiencing a great shift.

Do not get surprised, if, in future, you likely won’t need to stress over the opening and sending emails.

Specialists anticipate that with the quickly propelling of different innovations and advancing needs of clients, emails will soon get involved in expanding machine-to-machine correspondence.

Just imagine a scenario when a grocery thing in your refrigerator is getting consumed, at that point software in your refrigerator will instantly have the capacity to refresh your shopping list on the grocery application on your smartphone. It must be seeming like a thing of future now but for sure, Email Marketing communication between client and businesses can also be done using this way in future.

Email Marketers need to be a great degree technically savvy while at the same time they need to adopt and adapt well with the new tools that can incorporate more of automation in their communications.

Now, let us go through a quick list of trends in their decreasing order of applicability in deciding future of Email Marketing-

Future of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Trends in 2018-Source-Litmus

  1. Ensuring interactive email experiences
  2. More focus upon personalization and subscriber lifetime value
  3. Use of shorter and bite-sized email content
  4. Creative a stronger narratives and storytelling in Email Content
  5. Including progressive enhancements for creating richer experiences where supported
  6. Use of language that is more human
  7. Scaling of email build systems via different templates, snippets, modules, partials, and so on
  8. Optimizing message variety to keep subscriber engaged in content
  9. Ensuring better email accessibility for people with disabilities (blind, color blind, etc.)
  10. Using more text-based emails

Finally, It’s on ‘You & Your Creative & Innovative Zeal’…

2018 has paved the path of new technologies in Email Marketing- And in next 5 years, we will see their implications in full throttle.

We will keep on seeing AI progress, and how brands furnish clients with more customized emails.

What’s more, this will likewise show signs of improvement as brands keep thinking about segmenting their email list and targeting prospects with hyper personalization.

With everything taken into account, you would need to master the latest concepts and techniques of Email Marketing.

You need to absorb all the latest technologies and then incorporate your own creative input to let the robotized communication seem more interactive and personalized.

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It will help you learn the Email Marketing Practices that you need to incorporate in next 5 years for ensuring deliverability of your Emails.

You will learn and master creating the kind of content that will become so important just by the end of 2018.

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