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Future Of Social Media: What Lies Ahead

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1When social media made its first arrival, it was mainly used by the so called techno savvy crowd. However, today we find that the youth as well as the senior citizens are using some or the other platform on a regular basis. It has now become a part and parcel of everyone’s day to day life. This is because social media genuinely offers features and functions which are very useful in one’s daily life. Due to this, in the next few years, social media will be placed at a whole new level in the society and in marketing campaigns.

With time, there have been a lot of changes seen in social media. It has moved ahead from being merely a networking platform to a more user friendly engagement stage. Now, social media is seen by the users in a new light. Marketers and consumers are now using social media channels to make their presence felt in their own networks.

If we try and speculate how the various marketing tools will evolve in the future and what role will social media play in this evolution, is something very interesting to think about. Seeing the current trend of online marketing, we can make a good estimate of how some of the big themes will emerge.

Getting consumer information is the key to efficient online marketing. The higher the information about customers is available to the marketers, the better chances of going for targeting the right kind of customers with the right kind of products. This way one can connect better with the consumers and thereby turn them into loyal customers.  For example, if one can bring together and use proximity data with search history with the help of comments and discussions on social media, one can make better conversions of sales or drive higher amount of traffic onto one’s website without interrupting with the consumer. This makes the entire correspondence more personal in nature.

The main aspect here is being able to connect with the consumer. By combining personalized consumer information with social media, one can ensure to get highly targeted and data driven marketing responses.

With the launch of smart phones in the market, very soon the mobiles will take over the desktops as a means to access the internet.  Not just this, even the vehicles will soon have their dashboard coming fitted with a touch screen browser. In addition to this, we will soon see wearable technology like Google Glass, etc making connectivity into an extension of our lifestyle. At this point, it is important for all the online content owners to take advantage of this welcome change. The complete change in the strategy should be made basically to engage all the users into the mobile experience and also encourage them to come up with and generate more user content like pictures, videos, etc.

It is now very evident to marketers that advertising through social media cannot be ignored in order to ensure that all areas of advertising have been covered. Gone are the days when marketing efforts through online media channels was mainly an afterthought. Now, a stage has reached wherein it has become mandatory for all marketers to ensure that they also include online social media channels into their marketing strategy to target their valuable online customers. Most importantly, focus needs to be given to mobile interactivity since the users now spend most of their time for online activity on their mobile phones. Social media has now become a layer wherein consumer data around user generated content has gained importance for platforms and brands.

That is instead of being just a channel to communicate and sell to online customers, social media has now become a medium to connect and build loyalty with our customers.

It is now a well known fact that content is the king. Only with the help of transparent, relevant, useful and informative content can the marketers reach out to the end consumers and succeed in marketing their products. This is where technology plays a very important role in helping small businesses to effectively manage their content through various content management systems. Also, newer emerging technologies help small businesses to automate content creation and market the same by publishing it across various social media platforms.

It is worth noting that brands have now realized that they are slowly moving from having a wise crowd to a powerful crowd. As time goes by, the internet is becoming more crowded and filled with content and it is becoming more and more difficult for these brands to become visible to the consumers on social media. It will need coordinated strategies, to provide an advantage to small and large businesses and help them mobilize their networks.

This means that the marketers should take advantage of these changes in the industry and also focus at successfully creating online marketing campaigns. The marketers need to ensure that they allocate sufficient amount of budget to the online campaigns as well. Investment should be made in both mobile and social media marketing.

In addition to investing in online advertising, it is also important to ensure that monitoring of the campaigns should be done and necessary changes are made to the same basis the outputs received. Also, the selection of the online social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc should be done basis the kind of business under consideration.

With the social media taking a prominent position in today’s scenario, having an office has become less important and more of a good to have utility. Most of the businesses with the help of social media and technology are now able to function online without needing physical presence of the employees in the office premises.

It is inevitable that a great shift of social media is underway and the marketers across the globe, in all industries, should be geared up to make social marketing as their central marketing effort. It will be highly beneficial for all marketers to learn how to efficiently use these tools to make the most for their business.

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