Gaana Leveraged Facebook Marketing To Achieve 200% Growth In Daily App Downloads

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gaana official logoAbout Gaana

Who wouldn’t want to listen to free songs? Anyone and everyone! Keeping this in mind, a company was established to offer free songs service to the music lovers around the world. Launched in the year 2010 by, Gaana is a commercial music streaming service. Gaana offers a hoard of Indian and International songs from different genres. This platform features music from around 21 languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and other Indian regional languages. Gaana’s music library enables avid music lovers to choose from amongst millions of songs available in multiple languages and listen to them on the go.

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Gaana’s Business Objectives

Gaana wanted to hit the right note online and what better platform than Facebook could have helped to leverage high traffic. The prime objective of this sensational free music service provider is to get ‘a mobile foothold’. This implies that Gaana wanted to target Indian music lovers over the age of 18 years and drive their focus towards downloading the Gaana music iOS and Android mobile apps to have a larger and widespread mobile presence.

Besides this, there was another business objective that Gaana wanted to accomplish, which was to measure the returns on the advertising investments made by the music company.

Approach/Strategy Adopted by Gaana

With a view to reach the targeted set of music lovers, surpass its presence in the online music service world as compared to other contemporaries and somehow lure them to download Gaana’s mobile app either through Google Play Store or the Apple App Store could be accomplished through the mobile app ads, that would successfully redirect the music app downloaders to the app install page. Thus, the ultimate motive of the campaign could be resolved.

Gaana iOS App

Gaana iOS App

Besides this, Gaana also banked upon a profound social media marketing tool –Power Editor to tactfully manage its large scale campaign, observe the results and accordingly plan its strategic moves.  fb power editor

Undoubtedly, Facebook served as the right social media platform to reach to the music lovers as it helped Gaana to fetch more app downloads as compared to its contemporaries and accomplish higher engagement level with the music lovers.

Pratik Mazumder, Head Marketing Times Internet, stated ‘The Facebook Ad platform gave us the flexibility to optimize our paid user acquisition costs by dynamically reallocating spending. It served as a highly targeted resource and gave us a crucial advantage in promoting our apps.’

Results Achieved by Gaana

The much in demand Indian music streaming company pitched Facebook as the ideal social media platform to reach out to the Indian music lovers so as to spread a word about its mobile app and acquire over 200% growth in daily app downloads. The quantifiable results can be summarized as follows:

  • 20% lower costs per installation as compared to other networks.
  • 200% growth in daily app downloads.
  • Around 30 Million music fans could be reached.

All in all, the results were commendable as the returns were high after incurring lower cost as compared to other competing networks. Thus, the promotional strategies that leveraged social media marketing, via Facebook marketing worked well for Gaana as the company could ideally promote its mobile app effectively.


Within a short span of time, Gaana managed to create a huge stir in the online free song service. It was a wise decision to opt for Facebook’s mobile app as it turned out to be in the favour of Gaana. The campaign was a huge success as it helped Gaana in the most cost effective yet efficient way. Facebook marketing enabled Gaana to not only reach the top spots in the music apps categories but also gain new loyal music fans.

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