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logo gardenvisitAbout the Company, a website/company initially developed to provide a garden finder database of the public gardens of the world, works as a    publisher for Garden History, Garden Design and Garden Travel    presently. They have two more websites catering to the same  domain and

Business Objectives

In addition to providing the database of the public gardens, the company was intended to be just an online source of landscape architecture students at the University of  Greenwich, London.The company initially had no motive of money-making from the website until one day Henry Turner, the head web developer of read about Google Adsense. The very idea of earning money from online content through Google Adsense struck the mind and one day they put Adsense code on the site just to try. By the end of the week they were earning $100 a day.

Discovering Adsense

The team at found the implementation of Adsense quite easy. The two main strategies used by the company to generate the maximum out of their Google Adsense campaigns were

  • To complement the content of the website with the ads being placed
  • To place the ad in a naturally striking position on the website.

Such a strategy helped the company to be consistent with the content as well as a better user experience overall. The company also tried to use banner ads from direct advertisers but eventually realized that they need time as well as money to  sell these placements unlike Google Adsense where advertisements are served automatically by Google without the need to invest in sales resources depending on the content of the website, geographical location and other factors. They still use banner advertisements but the major chunk of revenue comes from Adsense.

In addition to Google Adsense, made full use of the other products offered  by Google such as

  • DFP (Double-click For Publishers) small business  is a dedicated ad management solution that offers a complete toolkit for better management of  both directly and indirectly sold advertising which includes streamlined trafficking, ad delivery, advanced forecasting, granular reporting, inventory management, new web service API, interactive user interface, integrated revenue optimization, and direct access to the advertisers from all over the world.

There are a lot of ad serving options other than DFP but DFP has some special set of features due to which it is preferred over the others ad serving mechanisms:

  1. Free! (if fewer than 90 million impressions/month)
  2. High performance/no maintenance
  3. Nice back-end management system
  4. Inventory forecasting
  5. Sophisticated audience targeting
  6. Lets multiple networks compete, plus AdSense
  7. Good reporting tools
  • Google Analytics to get statistics about the traffic of the website, the source of traffic, measures conversions and sales and eventually lead to a  better ROI. It is one of the most widely used web analytics service. Google Analytics has the capability to track visitors from search engines, Social media platforms, referring websites as well as direct visits. It can also track display advertising, email marketing, Pay per click advertisements and digital collateral such as PDF links attached with the mail. When integrated with Google Adwords, it can help the user prepare a better landing page for the user. Additionally it helps the user in being consistent with the business objective whether it be pure sales, lead generation, viewing a particular page or may be downloading a file.

DFP helped them manage the advertisements on their websites efficiently by providing a variety of useful features for managing sales of online advertisements  whereas Google Analytics helped them by providing deep insights about the traffic on the website, the source of traffic, demographics of the user which eventually led to a better understanding of the user behavior on the website. The mix of Google Adsense with Google Analytics combined with other tools helped the company to achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently.

Gardenvisit also made good use of Google Ad Manager, an ad management tool that helps the user to sell, schedule, deliver and measure all your directly sold and network based inventory. They use this tool to manage their ads (Direct ads and Adsense) and to make sure that they get the best return for the ads on their website.

The dual approach consisting of Adsense and Google Analytics led to a better landing page, effective targeting, better user information, better ad placements on the website, good user experience and high revenue generation for the company and that too sooner than expected. The overall usage of different web tools must be consistent with the overall marketing strategy to focus on the specific results and achieve better results just as implemented by Gardenvisit.


Gardenvisit uses Adsense as a prime source of revenue in addition to their other sources of revenue generation. Almost 85% of company’s online advertising revenue is contributed by Google Adsense which is a staggering figure for a business. The additional 15%  sales requires more investment in terms of time and that is the reason they consider revenue generated via Adsense as ‘Pure Profit’. Another striking point is the high CTR (Click-through Rate) which makes it clear that their ad targeting is very accurate and the reason for the same being the coalition of Adsense with Google Analytics. Thus Gardenvisit has been successful in implementing Google Adsense  and utilising it as a major source of revenue for the company.


  • Adsense can be used and implemented to be one of the source of revenues for any company
  • Effective utilisation of Adsense can lead to an exponential growth  in revenue
  • Google Adsense when collaborated with Google Analytics can lead to a better implementation of Adsense as well as a better online experience for the user
  • Accurate ad targeting leads to higher Click-through Rate
  • Quality content on the website can lead to better ads and higher ROI from the website
  • Different tools offered by Google when used together can yield far better results

Image Courtesy: Gardenvisit

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