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Gear-up For Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends

Gear-up For Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends

Marketing Automation

It has been a popular part of marketing among all the sizes of businesses. It’s continuous process of evolving. Marketing automation gives a clear picture of buyer’s activity on & off the website. This concept is new to B2B companies but very efficient and powerful. By the way survey of 2014 states that the B2B companies which used Marketing Automation grew by 11 times more than those who didn’t use it. This concept is very advantageous to b2b companies for improving the revenues and turnovers.

In common language, its platform to engage with the existing and new customers via email. It helps companies to generate more inbound traffic and lead generation. Marketing automation will definitely increase leads and profit, whatever you invest it doesn’t waste even a single penny. Marketing automation is generally used by entrepreneurs, but nowadays organisation of sizes has begun using it. The Size of companies matters the most while choosing marketing automation. The companies or firms having less than 500 employees are ranked on top to buy or implement marketing automation software. Normally there are plenty challenges to face to implement marketing automation, such as technological problems. The new technologies that needs to be implemented before using this software.

Now lets see the Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends.

Marketing Automation Will Be Easier To Implement And Use In Future

To be frank most of all the companies sales or marketing department is not filled with eager, hunger to learn or enthusiastic people knowing latest trends of marketing automation. Marketing automation has become the top preferred choice for all the businesses over the standard email marketing, marketing automation platforms helps easy flow of their usage process in real time. All new ventures and startups making use of marketing automation, as more businesses continue to spend money on marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation Will Be More Personalized

In near future, you can expect an expansion of marketing automation in various spheres of the customer purchasing cycle, with more personalized content and scores leads in real time. This concept will be used by marketers for predicting conversions and interactions of all the customers. The predictive stats will be more and precise with automation features will expand in near future. The companies can analysis much more about customers and they can know who visited the website than normal email marketing.

Prevalence Of Mobile-Friendly Software

Mobile phones increasing day by day, users growing socially. Mobile phones plays important role in entire process, so the mobile friendly software will make huge difference. Nowadays new trend of mobile marketing has huge impact on world. Use of smartphones has many useful features to marketers to target customers based on locations, devices and social media presence. The marketers can send push notifications, in app messages and news feed communication for increasing leads through mobile app. Even mobile app can provide various sorts of valuable data of marketing automation statistics for engaging with old and new customers.

Invasion Of The Social Media

Nothing can stop from being social. Today the use of social media is at peaks, every now and then people use social media networking. The top social media sites are Facebook and Twitter, even Google + is popular for marketers. Information on social media needs to be short, crisp and re-active to most recent events or activities. Marketers are ruling social media with campaigns along with tools enabling to engage with potential buyers and customers in real time.

Better Streamlined Software

Software plays vital role in marketing automation, the simple and hassle free software will create wonders for small business. Roaring analysis of a buyer’s buying experience, best streamlined software will be first priority to the marketers. Collecting all data pertaining to the sales and marketing in single place with the help of streamlined marketing automation, capitalizing the leads and offers of holistic reports for marketing campaigns. With a personalized dashboard, all teams are able to get a better idea of what others are doing, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing wastage of time.

We all can expect the marketing automation software offer extra features and characteristics than the others. Therefore, one could see various additional features in marketing automation software, such as landing pages and online shopping carts. The main theme of marketing automation is to make easy for the engagement and generation of leads over a period of time, until they are equipped to make a purchase.

In near future, every successful online business will use some form of marketing automation. By using this software, companies will be able to think and act for the conversion path for each buyer or customer with the progress that marketing automation technology makes. This software which companies use to target even hotter leads and as well as distinguish their best buyers or customers from the rest. This is the power of marketing automation. Frankly speaking marketing automation will turn any companies’ fortune within period of time. But technology play crucial role in complete process. Although marketing automation has many problems and flows, but everything can be sort out easily for sure. We all can see the renovations and revolutions of marketing automation soon.

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