General Electric’s Strategy to Utilise Platforms of Social Media

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 About General Electric

General Electric(GE) is a Multinational Company having its Head Quarters at Boston Massachusetts,US. General Electric Company  is a merge of  Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Company, Founders of GE  are Thomas Edison, Charles A. Coffin Elihu Thomson, Edwin J. Thomson. GE is a worlds biggest Digital Industrial Company, which transformed hardware into software-defined machines. It has Established its business around 130 countries including India.

The Company manufactures a wide range of products in Aviation,Consumer Goods,Healthcare, Power and Energy,Oil and Gas  Etc.GE proved, they can change life by Innovations  from practical Incandescent light bulb to building America’s first Central Power Station. General Electric always believed in promoting Innovation and Technology rather than its products. The ideology of GE admired both seasoned and rookie Marketers.

Marketing Objectives

Here are three goals of General Electric,

  • Making aware of audience and clients, what GE do and highlight positive experience with the Brand.
  • GE want to attract Young Engineers and business talent towards them.
  • GE is functioning since 1892 so its current shareholders are aging,so it want to get attention of the next generation potential shareholders.

Define your Voice

GE’s Social Media Marketing strategy is to make aware of Science and Technology to average folks by showing to people through visual content which directly reflects their brand. Their perspective is to hold the clients and consumers by Innovation and Technology. GE Choose Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Tumbler to Wattpad where exploring new writers for their brand. They share campaigns on all social platforms to reach all ages. GE always want to engage with people by sharing their views and make them participate in their campaigns.

Some Social Media Platforms where GE’s Campaigns went successful


GE-social-media-strategy-quirkyGE started Facebook page with a tagline “we love Science,Technology, Innovation and hearing from you”. They run a campaign around 2014 called Quirky+GE Campaign to advertise the new edition in Appliance family Aros,’the worlds  smartest Air Conditioner which can be controlled through your smart phone’. In this campaign they used  customize graphics,photographs and educated people on Quirky and the IoT along with Marketing. There are many campaigns like “Lessons in Science”,”Pi day”on Facebook live, they gave 314 pies to twitter fans using #PiDay and Snapchat. There are many other campaigns where GE presented them in a Innovative way to its fans.


GE on twitter translated complicated business goals into digestible tweets. Their strategy on twitter is creating smart content daily, with trending hashtags. For example

  • In 2013 they brought National Inventors day and asked fans to tweet their inventive ideas.
  • By conducting 3D printing day campaign they gave away customized versions of 3D printed gifts to fans using #3dPrintMyGift.
  • The brand partnered with famous game Dots to introduce new game mode to support their #GravityDay.


They choose this platform to show what they are upto by Story telling. The campaign called “Invention Donkey” which created awareness of different inventions of GE, created by its Agency partner BBDO New York. The 60sec adcampaign called “childlike Imagination” narrates a vision of a child how amazing things her Mom makes as an Employee of GE.


Instagram became hub for visual content. GE started photo shoot in places like Aviation Engine Testing Centre Winnipeg,Canada and CSX Intermodels in Ohio. Soon after this they anounced a contest for their Instagram photographer to shoot their Aviation facility in Wales. The Contest allowed GE to engage with followers and gave them a new Photograper, in this contest over 4000 photographs are submitted using #GEInspiredME. Their most popular campaigns on Instagram were #GEInstawalk by this they got 3.5M Followers across Instawalk feed and 200+ Social Engagements in first 48 Hour’s and #GElights etc.

GE always stood first to try new Social Platforms before their Competitors enter to,some are listed below,

  • #6secondscience,#emojiscience on Vine which was a very successful campaign
  • Snapchat travel geofilter,
  • “Hey Girl” romantic pick up lines from GE Scientists on Pinterest

Results Achieved by GE

For GE Social Media Success didn’t Improve their Sales but, it gained both awareness and affinity.

  • By perfect strategic campaigns on Social Media Platforms which shows there Innovations and Technology, they became smartest brand.
  • It attracted young engineers and business talent.
  • GE changed the perception of people “Makers of Appliances to thought leaders”in Advanced Technology.
  • It humanized their brand by creating content everyday, User Innovative Campaigns Every month, Trying out a new platform every year.
  • It inspired its buyers and attracted Potential Investors.
  • GE is one among the 500 Fortune companies in Shorty Awards(6th Annual) and is a winner for its Social presence on VINE.


GE’s long-term strategy to sustain their brand name by innovative campaigns on Social platforms and experimenting brought loyal consumers.GE always wanted to engage with people to make themselves sustain. This can be observed by the campaigns conducted by them. Instead of overnight results GE planned long-term strategy which is visible work done by their Digital Marketing Team. Integrating great stories with good sustainable Marketing Strategy makes GE an example to other Firm’s.Everyone can achieve what GE did with a clear picture of we want

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