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Generate Business Through Facebook Using 7 Content Marketing Strategies

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facebook-fb-fan-page-or-business-pageOur entire planet is Facebook these days. Over a billion people use Facebook to connect. Facebook is on 3 out of 4 smartphones. More than half people on Facebook visit it everyday. Most online advertising reaches only to 38% of its intended audience whereas in case of Facebook, the average is 89%. This means marketers get more value from each advertisement on Facebook. Facebook has been nothing short of craze in India. With new government in place, emerging middle class and rapid adoption of internet especially through smartphones are together changing way of life for people and therefore how marketing takes place to reach out to them. Earlier internet marketing was a novelty in and around late nineties and early 2000. There has also been great shifts in marketing contents. Earlier brands encouraged individual behavior according to norms of the society, following of traditions rather than breaking them, but now we all live in changed scenarios. Brands now focus on individual and encourage them to follow them their distinctive and unique paths. Bringing in new thinking, breaking away from traditional gender roles in society and a major reason for the change in mindset is because of internet. It has exposed people to tons and tons of information, consequently making them aspirational. Historically, brands have pushed messages through people’s throats, now brands are forced to give people an ideology, give something to its audience. the underlying fact is that audience is evolving, so is the need for marketers to evolve, they need to educate, entertain and spread awareness about their brand all at the same time. Facebook offers the opportunity to connect people based on age-groups, demography,  special interests, type of devices they use (smart phones, tablets and feature phones) as well as device modal and operating systems. Now Facebook has come up with distinguishing users based on the network type: 2G, 3G or 4G, which they use while assessing Facebook. This gives advertises more options for creativity, video ads are preferable for audiences with high-speed connections which if offered on slower connections would take a lot of time in buffering. People these days want fast and efficient experiences on their phone and mobile network targeting can improve experiences of people with Facebook ads, at the same time advertisers are better able to deliver the right experiences while respecting its audience’s bandwidth and data costs. Here is a starling fact, Facebook organic reach has been declining fast. This means if you have 1000 likes on Facebook page, only 10-20 people would be able to see your posts.Facebook has itself disclosed that Fan Pages are able to reach to only 16% of its audience.Now this is going to affect one and all, whether it a big brand with millions of likes or small non-for-profit organisations. A lot of social media marketers are know thinking of investing time on Facebook, because with a mere 1-2% reach, it is hard to justify the time spent on it. But Facebook has specified that era of free advertising on Facebook is nearing its close and paid advertising shall have huge reach and impact. Facebook clarifies that marketers need to pay for technology.

Therefore success on Facebook requires great content, which is valuable, exciting and at the same time entertaining for its audience. Here are 7 tips for generating business through content marketing on Facebook.

  1. Create custom content images for social media– First, we humans love images.In the see of text, pictures are what stand out and grab our attention. Compared to text, 81% of users will prefer to go through images. Images therefore are a must.Next, not ordinary images, but the ones which are customized for content. Facebook posts get 120% more engagement on photo posts rather than textual posts.
  2. Keep your posts short– The shorter the posts, the better. We all need to understand that we all are constantly bombarded with information at every stage. People come on Facebook for relief. So here the posts should be as simple and short. Shorter posts have seen more conversations and more engagement compared to larger ones. According to a recent study, posts under 250 characters have shown 60% more engagement.
  3. Leverage the power of trending topics– Create content which is trending and newsworthy. People need to be updated on latest developments, be it technology, politics or fashion, and if marketers are able to create such content which helps audience being at the forefront of things, what could be better than this. This would incite curiosity among audience and people would start waiting for the posts.
  4. Take advantage of insider syndrome– Make Facebook fans feel special. Post content that is ‘exclusively for Facebook Fans’ and see the attention it garners. The underlining fact is everybody wants to feel special about themselves and if marketers can tap this basic human instinct, everybody is happy; marketers as well as its audience.
  5. Pay up for promoting posts– Now it is nearly impossible for marketers to get results without paying for advertising on Facebook. Promoted posts are a great tool to reach out to audience. Whenever users engage with paid posts, their actions help increase organic visibility through their network.
  6. Drop the sales pitch– A strict no to pushy sales pitches. People are simply going to run away. Marketing these days is an art, its has become more subtle and its through conversations, engagement, relations and trust that one is able to generate business.
  7. Wash, rinse and repeat– Marketers must be willing to experiment, fall and rise and learn through the experience. Learn and relearn, learning has to be a continuous exercise. People like surprises, creative and untold stories, packaged differently every time. Variety is simply adorned and extremely valuable among audience.
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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Facebook is a very powerful social media channel. It has got its own characteristics. One must stick to the rules when they are using social networking sites. Customizing the content will help rather than using same format for all social networking sites.

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      Facebook with good content marketing strategies can prove to be an asset to any firm!

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Marketing terms are changing rapidly. Facebook is a powerful medium through which one can easily share business information with thousands of people easily. Targeted content to the targeted people is the new generation marketing strategy which can easily achieved by using Facebook. Great tips!!!

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