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Desktops are no longer the major means of performing our daily computer related tasks. With mobile phones becoming smarter, faster, snappier and convenient, desktops and even laptops are becoming ancient.

As marketers it’s often a challenge to go up-to speed with the fast changing technology, but since this is an evil that is also our cash cow we need to treat it well.

Smartphones have become an integral part of users’ daily lives. According to a search conducted by Google, 9 out of 10 smartphone searches results in an action (purchasing, visiting a business, etc.) which is why generating leads via mobile marketing makes more sense. Here’s how:

– Location based Targeting:                                 

A user on the go is more likely to search for something that is within his/her reach. Therefore delivering search results based on location helps in attracting more customers to the business. This can be easily done via search engine advertising since major search engines support it and it’s cost effective.

– SMS Marketing:

Researches show that the open rate of an SMS is far more than that of an email. Most SMSes are opened with 2-3 min of being received. Adding a link that leads to a mobile optimized website is a great way to attract leads.

– Social Media Engagement:

More users are using social media channels through their phones than through desktops or any other means. Using a mobile based social media strategy to attract more leads is highly suggested.

– In app advertising:

The avenues of advertising on mobiles are endless. With an ocean of apps available free of cost there is a great opportunity existing in advertising within the app. Though they are intrusive in nature, they have been known to have a great click through rate with low costs.

– Compelling offers:

Making compelling offers to the customers shopping through a mobile device can also increase the traffic as well as leads. This would also lead to increased brand awareness, newer leads and retained leads.

– Attractive visuals:

Visuals are highly useful when addressing the mobile audience, since text is not the most comfortable means to deliver a message or attract audience.

– Click-able phone number:

Make your phone number clickable, this acts as an indirect call to action and has a higher possibility that a prospective lead will call. This also makes it easier for the user to reach you without going through multiple steps.


There is a vast untapped potential that lies in mobile marketing and there’s more to come. Just by modifying your marketing strategies slightly a lot can be achieved just through mobile marketing.

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