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Get Connected To I & B Ministry Through WhatsApp Soon

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inb ministrySocial media seems to have become the centre of attraction for not only entertainment and interaction purposes, but has also gained popularity amongst the top-notch sectors prevailing in the country. Now-a-days it has been noticed that the impact of presence on social media channels is so strong that a lot of industries, ministries and other sectors are relying heaving on these social media platforms.  Having said that, the latest one to join the league is the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry.

Even though the I&B ministry has already being using social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as the mediums for putting across the information to the public at large. But, there is another platform viz. WhatsApp that the ministry is going to use for publicizing the important events. This social media outreach is planned by the I&B ministry to connect to the people through this most widely used app –WhatsApp.

As a matter of fact that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused on propagating the information via new media channels, this initiative has been taken-up by the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry. This will ideally be done to conduct ‘talkathons’ in the forthcoming days.

A ministry official admitted that as of now, the I&B ministry did not use WhatsApp much as the app comes along with the restriction in terms of number of people who can be added to a group. Adding on to this, he further stated that to it requires a software solution to manage a large number of people belonging to multiple groups. However, they are on the lookout for prospects so that WhatsApp can be used to reach out to the people.IB WhatsApp

“By integrating different social media platforms, the ministry is planning to hold talkathons. At IFFI, interactions were held where a panel deliberated live on YouTube questions which were fired by the audience in real-time on Twitter,” the official said.

Interestingly, the I&B ministry has a wing that possess specialization in utilizing new media channels so as to spread the information. The presence of I&B ministry and its associated bodies on several social media channels is 16 lakh followers on Twitter, approximately 90,000 followers on YouTube and a decent number of fans on the Facebook page.

Credits: Times of India

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