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Get Familiar With The Nitty Gritty Of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a marketing domain which is not practiced in isolation but is often clubbed or is an inherent part of a marketing campaign such as social media marketing, email marketing or inbound marketing. There are many practices such as blog spinning and article marketing which no longer found much use to the businesses that wish to rise higher and higher in the chosen business field. This blog discusses very important aspects of content marketing that helps in marketing the creative product in an efficient way which helps in gaining greater profits for considerably longer period of time.

Search engine optimization is together seen with social media marketing as a unique way to market the content to design it in an interactive way and get it shared on social media platforms. The higher the number of shares, the higher are the chances that the content will be ranked high by Google and will be able to grab the top most position at the search engine result page. The focus should be on the quality and not the quantity of the posts that are posted by you. This is good as it brings the online traffic naturally to the website and the visitors do not feel as if they are forced to visit the site which is generally not seen as a very good practice to do by the marketers.

There are two things that you need to do regarding the content marketing. The first thing that deserves your attention is the strategy and the second aspect is the activities that need to be performed in order to gain the desired results. There is a strong need to research the content that is working and not working online. Observe the online trends so that you can design a strategy which will help you market the content in a productive manner. Research the content such as news items, industry news or product updates that are related to your business field and then brainstorm the ideas that can be used by you for the promotion of your business. There are tools available for the purpose as well (e.g. – Majestic SEO).

The ideas are many but which will suit you best can be administered only after careful consideration of the ones that appeal you most. The content may be in the form of an article or a blog but it will produce results only when it has strong potential to get shared online. As discussed earlier in this blog, it means that the content must perform well on social media platforms and people must like it for it is something that they can easily relate with. In today’s scenario, content will not be considered good if it is scoring low at the social media platforms. There is a need for it to be social and communicated on a regular basis under a well structured plan.

The businesses are doing the following activities to connect with the audience and gain more and more profits-

a) Website Blog

A website must be as engaging as possible without being over informative. It is a good idea to have a website blog that engages the visitors online in a sophisticated manner. A blog is a good place to air the views about the industry or any new product or the business in particular. Do not fall victim to the temptation of writing more and more about the company alone as this is the easiest way to put off a curious visitor who has come with a goal to learn something about the industry as a whole. There is nothing to worry as the visitors will like the fact that the company is actually not bombarding them with the information only about itself but is rather helping them in achieving their goals.
Guest blogging is another good way of ranking high on SERP and promoting the business online. The industry experts can be called upon to share their thoughts on the topic and the blog can be linked to the website so as to expand your horizon and earn greater visibility online.

b) Infographic

Infographic is a good content form when sharing it is your prime concern. There is nothing better than an Infographic when it comes to viral content that the people like to interact with and gain some information from in an easy but meaningful manner. Promote it on good quality websites which in turn helps those websites as well.

c) White Papers

These are the good content forms that can be used to educate the visitors online. Since the main purpose is to promote the brand and the products, a white paper that is written to inform the readers about a particular product that is recently launched is always a good idea. Post its link on various websites and let it be a win-win situation for both the parties.

d) Surveys

Survey Monkey or Survey kizmo are some of the good tools that are available for data collection which in turn is crucial in designing meaningful surveys. The surveys have huge potential to collect the information from the website visitors who have used the product(s) or the service(s) offered by the brand.

e) Videos And Images

The videos and the images are very beneficial and creative forms of content that have huge potential to get shared online. The online readers like to learn the things quickly and do not like to invest a lot of time in reading just any stuff that lacks quality and is time consuming. The videos are not just easily understandable but are more interesting to engage in. The content creators must surely give it a try to promote the business and engage with the online audience. The images are also widely used by the modern day businesses to send their message across. The platforms like Pinterest are meant to share the pictures of the big events which are of high importance to the business and the readers would find it interesting and worthy to engage in.

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    • 5 years ago

      John Abraham   /   Reply

      Tumblr , Stumbleupon and Pulse, the popular publishing tool of professional social network Linkedin, are also very popular platforms which prove beneficial in content marketing. Niharika, another important aspect which you missed in your post is — Scheduling of the Posts. If a content needs to be shared to the maximum, it needs to be scheduled at appropriate timings when your posts will be visible to the readers in their news feeds. Also another popular element which you didn’t mention which businesses doing these days are newsletters through email marketing which has a dedicated loyal customer following.The blog could have been elaborated a little more on above mentioned.

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