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Social Media Giant Twitter has more than 9500 tweets per second racing up to over 1 billion tweets in just 5 days. Around 45% of twitter’s followers (of around 645.7 million of twitter’s active users) are just spectators, they just see others tweeting without themselves tweeting anything. Everyone know how large twitter is, I don’t see any chance of ignoring this huge marketing area by any one.

Just like the proverb you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, in terms of the social media world, social presence is your “cover” and people can often judge you by it. Talking about Twitter, surely the number of your followers has a certain impact on how others perceive your standard. Which leads to another thing you seeking to increase your follower list in order to be more helpful. Many people ready to spend money for getting Twitter followers fast in no time. I my opinion it’s not good idea to order for bulk followers, although it is needy but it’s unethical and unreal. Through this post let’s learn something ethical and inexpensive way for getting followers free and fast. Everyone needs growth; it’s a crucial part of social media. Everyone loves free things and many try different things to get followers. Twitter allows followers list grow every now and then easily.

Reach out to people with similar interests

The first of social media is: socialize & socialize again. Reaching out to twitter users who share your interests? Especially if they are popular, by the way, as popular users are a perfect one. Follow active users first, so that chances of getting follow back or follows will be high. You must interact with them often; you must impress them to get follow back by retweets or favorites.

I will express why, because they have a target audience already prepared for you. Even semi-popular Twitter users in your niche can be a treasure in terms of other people who you can follow and engage with. Chances are that if the popular Twitter icon talks about things that you too can talk about, the people who follow them will pay attention to what you post too. Sounds easy, right? Because it’s nature of twitter. I think it’s not only the most popular, but also the most comfortable way of getting more Twitter followers fast and free.

Follow the autofollowers

Always follow back original and real account. This is indeed both fast and free as a tactic to increasing your Twitter followers, but it might have lower levels of engagement. The thing is, many Twitter profiles, especially more popular ones, have set up their accounts to automatically follow (auto follow) other users who have followed them. So for every such user you follow, you will get a 100% guaranteed followers. This is always a great idea for expanding your follower list really fast, but don’t spam it. People will have an eye on followers list, but if you’ve only got profiles with the auto follow function, it will put other people off. Not to mention that you will lack engagement. So i would recommend using this method at the first launch to initially boost up your follower, that will help making you a great start on Twitter presence, then you should try to gain organic follower and also decrease the use of auto followers. This will help to gain social presence very well for newbies and existing ones as well.

Retweet or link others

Social media is best for socializing, meeting new people and staying in touch with old ones. Whenever you mention or reach out to someone else, he or she will be flattered/loved and do the same for you. This is the reason why retweets, mentions or linking others in Twitter is of great value if you are seeking to grow your follower list. Please note this is an absolutely free and fast way to increase your Twitter followers. It doesn’t cost anything to mention someone or to retweet a Tweet you’ve found to be relevant to your liking. Twitter focuses a culture of reciprocating so for every retweet you make, you might get a) new follower(s) or b) a retweet of your own content. Not to mention that it makes a great impression overall.


This is easy way for getting Twitter followers quick time. I wish you loved this post So here you have them – three easy and simple ways on how to get more Twitter followers – free and fast. Of course, there are other, more complicated ways to do so, but let’s keep it simple for now. So now newbies of twitter can follow this simple way to get followers in no time. Hope you’re thrilled by this post. Then why your waiting, go ahead and try this out.

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