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Get More Audience Engagement With Trueview Ads

Get More Audience Engagement With Trueview Ads

As competition grows high in Google Adwords advertising either in search or in display network, that results in more expensive ad campaign to run in traditional way. But still here is the way for less competitive advertising strategy, it is advertising with a video. Google Adwords also provides advertisers to create a campaign in video format which can be run in Youtube . Here costs will vary greatly depending on the industry type and keyword focus.

What is Trueview Ads: TrueView Ads are the video ads develop by AdWords advertisers where they only need to pay when someone chooses to watch their YouTube video. In comparison with a traditional AdWords campaign, with AdWords for video, one can use more effective demographic targeting to reach his audience.

The targeting options are justly basic (age, gender, and interests), but they are strongly useful. And this is the biggest advantage of using AdWords for video, as it give much more control over the viewers.

There are four types of TrueView ad formats:

  1. TrueView in-stream ads: these ads play like a TV ad before or end or at regular intervals during another video (so the word “in-stream”) from a YouTube Partner. In this type of ads, viewers will have to see 5 seconds of video which is not need to pay for, and then there is a choice to keep watching or skip the video. Sponsor needs to pay only if viewer watch at least 30 seconds or complete video, whichever is less. snapshot-1-4
  2. TrueView in-slate ads: these ads show before a YouTube Partner video which must be at least 10-minutes or longer. These ads run only before long-form content, and viewers having a choice to choose between three different ads at time, or they can also opt to choose nothing and watch their content with regular commercial intervals. Here too, sponsor pays only when viewers choose to watch the ad.snapshot-1-5
  3. TrueView in-search ads: these video ads show up above or along the right side of a regular search results page when viewer’s search is related to the ad’s keywords in YouTube, and like all TrueView ads, sponsor pays only when someone chooses to watch your video.snapshot
  4. TrueView in-display ads: these ads show up alongside other YouTube videos and also appear in the YouTube promoted videos overlay and like the other three formats, sponsor pays only when someone decides to watch your video.


According to Google, the owners of YouTube, in-stream video format is most preferable ad format in TrueView ads. As it gives the freedom to viewers to skip or play. It is a money saver and more audience target oriented too.

According to, an online video news & analysis website, the relinquishment rate for skippable pre-roll ads was 18 % lower than the rate for ads that don’t give that option. The site also reported that nearly 50 % of viewers watch pre-roll ads to the end, even if they have an option to skip.

New Advancement within YouTube to Trueview ads:

  • Introduction of Cards: Now YouTube is also doing more innovation in its Trueview format to make it more interactive, engaging, and more creative to the viewers, as introduction of cards for TrueView in-stream ads. It shows as in below screenshots:


               It’s an evolution of YouTube’s annotations feature, a Card offers video marketers, a more   attractive and attentive way to inform viewers about other stuff. Now with Cards along to TrueView in-stream ads, video advertiser able to share more information about the brand, their related videos, and playlists, and direct link to their website with TrueView video ad. Cards also offer a platform to bring video advertisers additional features that make TrueView a more action oriented format.

  • 360­­­­­­0 Video: YouTube announced its support for 360o   Mostly 360o   still images are used in many different industries like real estate, automobile and customer facing hospitality, to promote interior or exterior locations. 360° video allows the viewer to see as much as possible of the location being filmed, while they may be thousands of miles away. 360o video gives the viewer the chance to submerge themselves in an experience, and it’s a fantastic marketing prospect for any brand. YouTube gives rolling-out support for these kind of videos.


Limitation of TrueView in YouTube:

AdWords for video (TrueView) provides a lots of benefits, but still it’s not useful for all businesses. It may not be a good choice because of the following reasons:

  • Demographics – If target audience is not watching video
  • TrueView click-throughs can be low – There may be various reasons for this. The most common is not targeting to the correct audience and the viewer may not be attracted in the message. Also, if in-stream video is opted, the viewer may just let it play through even if they have little or no interest in it, and will have to be charged for viewing. While with other types of video ads, people must click on the video to start. But if they do so, it will be charged for the advertisement.
  • Video quality and presentation should be well done, eye-catching, and interesting and appealing. Advertiser either need to know to produce a great eye-catching video or hire a professional, which can be expensive.
  • There is no confirmation that video gives a higher return on investment than traditional Adwords advertisement.

Some Tips & Tricks:

  • Shorter is better: Viewers attention spans are growing shorter day by day, and so shorter videos tend to perform better. Short video means it should not be longer than 60-90 seconds.
  • Focus video on the targeting keywords: One need to be ultra-focused with the keywords and constantly do testing and removing keywords that aren’t performing, especially if budget is small.
  • Be purposeful and consistent to the message: If the video is humorous, it should be so because it’s part of overall brand messaging and the target audience will relate to the content. It’s also important for the advertiser to be sync the video and landing page. Don’t just link users to the homepage from the video. If the landing page and video ad messaging is consistent, it will more likely to generate a positive ROI.

There is a large audience with less competition, as most of marketers are slow to adopt video campaigns, so it gives marketers a great opportunity to invest in video and market it on YouTube for grabbing the audience pool. And with Google AdWords, getting up and running with an AdWords video campaign is amazingly simple.

Image Credits: YouTube

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