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Get More Searches From Mobile Apps

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Having a mobile friendly website has become a pre-requisite for any business or company today! Yes, gone are the days when people made searches using their desktops/laptops. The time today has enable almost everybody to get access to a smart phone that has internet connectivity with it!

With more and more searches happening through mobile phone devices, it has become essential to lay emphasis on the fact that mobile applications or mobile apps are also gaining popularity. More so, from the SEO perspective. It is crucial to have a mobile app for your brand to showcase the products and services such that both Android as well as iOS users can readily access it. Recently, it has come across that Google is indexing app content across both platforms and it will be meant for ranking signal for search results. A report suggests that one in four app users discovers an app through search. Owing to this reason, Google is going to get started with the app indexing concepts. 6 months ago, Google made a mention that the clicks on app deep links had jumped by 10x the previous quarter, with 15% of signed-in Google searches on Android now returning deep links. Since the, these numbers have likely only increased since then.

With two new mobile ranking signals, one of them being “mobilegeddon”, introduced by the Search Engine Giant four moths ago, it will become feasible to keep a track of the rankings. While the other signal that Google announced is only applicale for signed-in Google users, having the app installed in their Android devices. But only last month, did Google expanded the signals so that the users need not have the access to the installed apps.

Lawrence Chang, Product Manager quoted in a blog post:

“You’ve invested time and effort into making your app an awesome experience, and we want to help people find the great content you’ve created,”

Besides this, he also stated: “App Indexing has already been helping people engage with your Android app after they’ve installed it — we now have 30 billion links within apps indexed…people searching on Google can also discover your app if they haven’t installed it yet. If you’ve implemented App Indexing, when indexed content from your app is relevant to a search done on Google on Android devices, people may start to see app install buttons for your app in search results. Tapping these buttons will take them to the Google Play store where they can install your app, then continue straight on to the right content within it.”

“With the addition of these install links, we are starting to use App Indexing as a ranking signal for all users on Android, regardless of whether they have your app installed or not,” he added. “We hope that Search will now help you acquire new users, as well as re-engage your existing ones.”

Will mobile apps be viable for your line of business? Are you already having any mobile app(s)? Does this news generate curiosity in you to develop one?  Learn how to develop mobile apps? Do share your opinions, experiences and suggestions.

 Image Credits: mobileappsyourway

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