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Get Organic Traffic Without Getting Ranked In Google’s Top 10

Get Organic Traffic Without Getting Ranked In Google’s Top 10

In order to make a sale of your products and services, your website must be visible to the people. When people need to get something they make use of the search engine. Try to remember how many times you have not used Search Engine when you want to buy your clothes or electronic items? Most of the products which are sold online are the result of search by the customers. When you decide to buy a mobile phone the first thing that you would do is to search mobile phones with compatible features using Google search or other search engines. The search results returned by Google search engine will be checked by the customers then they put them into consideration stage according to their preferences before they finally decide to buy one among them.

It is true that it is necessary to be ranked at the top of the search results to make your products visible. But, now the question is how to reach at the top of it? Will your products won’t get a customer unless they reach the top?

Is it really necessary to rank Top in Google to get Organic traffic?

For a startup company or a company with new website, it is very hard to get into the top of the Google search results. Now, such startup or new websites might fill hopeless. But they need not worry as there are other tricks to make themself visible and gain large number of traffic in their websites to eventually rank higher in the search engine ranking list. Most of the websites are found by the organic search results rather than inorganic or paid search.

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In order to capture those people who get their products using Google search, the best tool that you can have is a high volume relevant content. Contents with right keywords can generate a large number of visitors in your website. The reason behind this is that, search queries are easier to match with the keywords in a high volume content of the blog. This is the reason why the reviews of new product models are of high significance for the website. So, even if you don’t rank at the top of Google search engine, you have other methods to reach out to your customers and get maximum number of visitors for your website. There are 7 strategies which are specifically designed for you.

Important Strategies to get maximum traffic without ranking top in Google

Making use of this 7 strategies can help you increase the number of visitors for your website overnight. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Use of Infographics on community based

Use of Infographics can give you amazing results. Often it is very hard to memorize lengthy blogs than a graphical representation of data. Infographics converts the information and data in the form of visual representation. This helps visitors to easily memorize the features and ratings of the products in your website. Infographics also helps in easy comparison of your products and services with all those products and services provided by other websites and helps them in better decision making, while buying your products.


You can easily use infographics in your website by making use of some tools. Best of infographics designing tools are, etc. All this tools will provide you various options for infographics designing, you can select one accordingly. Later part is the promotion of your infographics, which can be done by different social media networks but best is to promote your website in a community website. A community website is designed for the people with similar kind of Interest. There are few community sites where bloggers keep on reviewing for different contents. You can post the infographics of your website to get more number of viewers.

  1. Spy Your Competitors

It is very important to keep a track of your competitors in order to focus on your drawbacks. If you have a competitor website which is ranking higher than yours, you should take a look into it, to know the reason of their success. There are tools by which you can analysis the factors responsible for their better ranking. SEOmoz,, etc. are some example of tools which can help you find your competitors as well as analysis the factors of their better ranking in search engines.

  1. Optimize for Long-Tail Keyword Variations

Keywords are of high importance for ranking up in search engine. There are basically two types of keywords: Long-tail and Short-tail. Long tail keywords are the most frequently used phrases and short tail keywords are most frequently used words. For a lower ranked website it is necessary to use Long-Tail keywords, which have proved to be more effective then short tail keywords. Long-Tail keywords can provide specific results and focus particularly on those products and services provided by you. For this you can make use of Keywords planner or Google adwords.

  1. Use of Indexing

Page Indexing is a very strong technique to help you optimize your website. Use must make use of (Latent Sematic Indexing) LSI. This help WebCrawler’s of Google search engine to build indexes easily. Indexing also helps to drive maximum traffic in your website. As a result you will be able to generate more number of visitors in your website.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a very effective tool for driving traffic into your website. You can start email campaigns and send offers for your products and services for the needy ones. The emails must have to be personalized in order to gain more attention and obtain a click for your website. Catchy subject lines are very useful to help people open the email.

  1. Word of Mouth

Awareness can be created by old method of promotion i.e. word of mouth, which have always proved to be useful in most of the cases. A word of mouth can also lead to virility leading to more number of visitors in your website. Different seminars or gatherings can be used for public speaking about the essence of your website. Your presentation can help more number of people to check the website.

  1. Create your website authority

Your presence in different platforms and frequent activities of the website can help you create an authority over the platform. This may be done by building your presence in the social media channels or by blogging.


Hopefully this content will motivate all those who lost hope for getting any visitors, just because they rank low in the Google search engine. Social Media is a boon for those who rank low in the Google search engine. So make use of all this strategies and gain your reach.

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    Sanhita Dasgupta   /   Reply

    Great! These are very useful strategies. 🙂

    • 4 years ago

      Bhaskar Saikia   /   Reply

      Thank You Sanhita. Keep checking our blog.

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