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Get Rid Of Fake Twitter Followers By Using Apps

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Twitter is a Social media’s heart and most of them having a huge number of followers mean every single one of them is genuine? Or, if there are fake accounts among these, this is still a good thing? Let me express my desire on this.

Frankly, No, it’s not good thing. It’s an unhealthy for your social media presence and an absolute death to your engagement rate. Let me expand about Twitter and how to get rid of fake Twitter followers that pollute your social media profile or account. But first let me explain why they are harmful to us.

Now how can you check if a Twitter profile is fake or not?

So now let me get back to what I told before, having too much fake Twitter followers will reduce your social media credibility. Engagement rate will plummet and people will wonder why with, let’s say 20k followers; you’re getting 1 or 2 retweets and only several favorites. It makes a very, very bad impression and even risks your account being deleted.

To add to the list, we are easily exposed to unwanted spam or might even become a victim of phishing attempts. We need to little careful with this type of followers, you must have one thing to do with: to prompt you to black and remove every single one of them.

Now how can you recognize a fake Twitter follower?

Most of the time they lack a profile picture and they are not active at Twitter at all and have many people who they are following, but no one is actually following them. This kind of social media profile is a dummy or dead. Hope you got your answer, we see the egg profile picture right; those are the fake and dummy account or profile.

Now you’ve got it right, let’s see how to get rid of these fake Twitter followers via Apps.

Fakers App

One of the best app to get rid of your fake followers. In case you want to get rid of fake Twitter followers manually, that’s your choice. However, it will take a lot of efforts; of course time as well and it can still be prone to errors. So this is the best way to block your fake followers on Twitter is to use some specialized apps like this.

Fakers App

Very easy to find fake followers, it’s a fake terminology. That is the Fakers App. This software courtesy of Status People, allows you to monitor your followers. Spam accounts, fakers and possible empty profiles are monitored and presented to you so you can block any fake followers.

Fakers App is straightforward app; click the Connect to Twitter button and start your journey of removing unwanted Twitter followers. That simple, isn’t it? Keep in mind that if you have a greater number of followers the monitoring process might take a while. According to the reports and user statements Fakers app shows the right percent of your followers are fake and how many are inactive. Posts about the conclusion of a spam account are one that has few or no followers; I mean to say little activity and yet to follow a mass or large number of accounts.

Nevertheless, in the end you will have cleared up your Twitter followers list.


TwitterAudit is absolutely great for bigger accounts because, in contrast with FakeFollowers, it gets a rather large sample of your followers. TwitterAudit tool is developed by Dave Caplan and David Gross. It normally works by taking a random sample of 5k followers from the Twitter account and then which assigns a score to each follower based on the ratio of followers to following, the number of tweets and the date of the last tweet from the account.


Again, the top app follows a strict algorithm that measures each profile and presents a score corresponding to the monitoring process. The algorithm involves keeping track of the followers to following ratio, tweet history as the number of tweets present in the profile and the last tweet that the account has actually put out on social media.

Just click on the Run an Audit button, allow access to your Twitter account, and you’re set.

Thus the list of the top 3 apps you can use to remove fake Twitter followers is complete. You might want to test out all of them to see which works for you best. But please, make sure that you get rid of your fake followers on Twitter as soon as possible; keep many of these is detrimental to your social media presence and engagement.


We all know in this world nothing is real, same applies to social media as well. Nobody is perfect and of course not all accounts flagged by these tools are fake, so you must check out the accounts for deletion or mass unfollow before you click the go button. Some empty or dummy accounts could merely be people who have a Twitter account to follow sports, celebrities or merely news for example.

Image Credits: Fakers App and TwitterAudit

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