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Get Your Email Opened With 7 Simple To Follow Email Marketing Tips

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Email marketing tips are the most sought after tips by the business persons today. Isn’t it? Are you one among those who seek more email marketing tips? Here are 7 simple to follow but highly result- oriented tips that will quench the thirst for something concrete to succeed in getting an email opened.

  1. Use negative words

The psychological effect of negative words in the title of an email is good for the business point of view. It works more efficiently in getting it opened up as compared to the positive words. This is because people are more afraid of making a mistake rather than doing something right. For example- negative words such as ‘worst’, ‘wrong’ are taken more seriously than the words ‘good’ and ‘right’ and therefore a title ‘worst email marketing mistakes’ is expected to be clicked more than the title ‘best email marketing tips’.

  1. Give special treatment

Make an offer exclusively to the reader or at least sound so. Use the words such as VIP, Monday deadline, gift hampers or limited period offer to give them an impression that they are considered for this special offer. This also helps to earn the trust of the reader and encourage him to consider you as a trustworthy and the first option to crack a deal with.

  1. Avoid capital letters

Do not use capital letters in an email as this amounts to shouting at the reader. An email with frequent usage of capital letters may end up in the spam folder instead of getting opened and read. Following simple English and the sentence case will suffice and will get the job done.

  1.   Avoid these words

There are certain words such as free, help, reminder or percent off which should definitely not find a place in an email as these are most commonly used words. These are the words that have been overused since years and are not effective enough to prompt the recipient to open an email.

  1. Spark a controversy

Have a controversial title that motivates the recipient to click on the email and proceed further. For example- ‘Should employees be given overtime?’ Such titles give an indication that there will be a discussion on the same in the mail and there will be something to learn as well. Design the content carefully so as to sustain the interest of the reader for few minutes.

  1. Numbers play a necessary role

Use numbers in the title to let the reader know what is he going to get in the mail. For example– ‘7 things to remember while buying a laptop’. The numbers have a positive psychological effect that can be leveraged with no harm and increase the chances of getting an email opened up instantly and also read for some points.

  1. Email is from whom?

Pay attention to the ‘from’ field of an email as the recipients see it to gauge the authenticity of the same. Do not fill the company’s or a department’s name but the most popular person in your company as the recipients are interested in communicating with a human being rather than a company.

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