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Gmail is a free email service that is provided by Google. Users can access Gmail as secure web mail. On 28th June, 2011, Google+ was launched, which was Google’s latest social networking application. It integrates into Gmail. Google+ profile icons appears in the header of emails that are received in Gmail. Google+ circles also appears in the contact section. Lately, Google+ Hangouts allows multi user videoconferencing for users, replacing the Gmail video chat function.

How many times it has happened with people that when they start typing an email to someone they realize halfway through the draft that they haven’t exchanged their email addresses. Gmail is has now come for rescue of such people. Now it’s easier for people using Gmail and Google+ to connect over email.

Gmail now suggest Google+ connections as recipients when someone is composing an email.

These emails work a bit differently. The email address is not visible to a Google+ connection unless someone send that person an email. Similarly that person’s email address is not visible unless he sends an email.

Users can also control who can reach them in this way with a new setting in Gmail. Emailing Google+ connection also comes with an advantage with Gmail’s new inbox categories. When someone from the circle mails, that email will appear in the Primary category. But if that person is not in the circle, then the email will be filtered to Social category and they can contact only if the recipient respond or add them in his circle.


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    • 5 years ago

      Abhi Roy   /   Reply

      G-mail is the one of the most used mail services around the world. This the main reason they are doing changes to make it’s mail services more user friendly and easy to access.

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