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Go Digital – We Are Featured In The Telegraph

Go Digital – We Are Featured In The Telegraph

With mobile ads such as ‘Big Chillout Sales”, “Rocking Deals”, “How to Make Money Driving’ popping-up almost every now and then, the focus on them strikes the attention of the users. Did you ever give a thought on who is responsible for these ads? Even if not, these tasks are done by digital marketers or the digital marketing professionals who promote their products and services through social media channels, aids etc. through electronic channels.

The Co-founder of one of the integrated creative and digital marketing company based in Mumbai Unmarketeer, Rimjhim Ray is one of the primary examples of a digital marketer. She said: “I can measure how these campaigns are being viewed, and what content works and doesn’t work — typically in real time.” Additionally, on asking how does she find out what might interest one of India’s 600 million users of smartphones, tablets, notebooks or personal computer (PC) she said ‘We listen to what people are saying’.

In the present day world, it is comparatively easy to spot what and where people are talking about in digital world, what they like and what they dislike. It can come across through their public profiles and their interests.  In the same frame of light, Rimjhim stated “You use videos, interactive banners, social media posts, mobile phone games and animations to hook the audience. There’s an immense variety here.”

Prapti Banerjee, Director at Blippar India, a global marketing and advertising agency, stated “If you look at the placement records of top tech and B-schools you’ll find that youngsters look for novelty, challenges and the excitement of creating a new world order.”

With almost anything and everything available online today, it gives a lot of variety to the users to choose from the options. Senior Vice President of Manipal Global Education Services, Ramabhadran AP quotes “Every product is available online today — from a toothbrush to a house. So a person can choose his or her area of work from a wide variety of options.”

With digital marketing increasing at an exploding level, there are only 19 percent of Indian are active Internet users. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), an industry body, digital advertisement spending in India grew by 30 per cent to Rs 2,750 crore in 2014 and is expected to grow phenomenally in the next few years.

Looking at this, the situation brought forth the concept of a digital marketing company in 2000. “A similar momentum exists today in this field,” says Pradeep Chopra who heads Digital Vidya, a New Delhi-based digital marketing training institute. “Every week we get calls from leading agencies wishing to hire trained people.” Bhargava estimates that over 1.5 lakhs jobs will be created by 2016.

For all the hoopla, not all are gung ho about digital marketing. Ramanujam Sridhar, head of Brand-comm, the brand consulting company, believes that it is “one of the main cogs” in the marketing of any brand, but not “all” about marketing or communication.

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