Golfsmith’s Automated Email Marketing Campaign Boost Up Lead Conversion By 67%

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golfsmith-afg_no-italicsGolfsmith International, a US based Company, was able to re-engage the customers who once browsed its portfolio and consequently ended up in boosting up conversion by 67% because of automated, triggered  Email Marketing campaign.


“Golfsmith International”,  headquartered in Austin, Texas is the market leader in the specialty golf sport gear retailing. Operating under “Golfsmith” brand in the US and “Golftown” in Canada, the company has over 160 experimental stores in different locations. Besides it offers customer 24/7 convenience shopping at and

The Company boasts for its broadest selection of best brand in golf, having expert staff who shares its customers’ love of game and stat-of-art custom fitting services.


The cart abandonment where the customer doesn’t complete the transaction after selecting  product, haunts any E-retailer. After issues with cart abandonment program sending wrong signal to its customers, the Company had to review the E-mail Marketing program to optimize it and identify the shoppers who browsed one or more products multiple times without purchasing it.

The challenge before the company was to send right information to the right people. In addition, it targeted increasing average order value aiming fairly conservative ROI target.


In December 2014, the Golfsmith tapped new Automation vendor to work with the Email Marketing program. It consisted of following components.

 #1. Well Designed Message Layout:

The first task before the SEO team was to craft the message layout. It must be clean, eye-catching and reflects the brand value and feel. This meant ensuring that email and website experiences tied together using behavioral and purchase data. 

At that point, Golfsmith developers tagged the site so the vendor tool could identify customers and their behaviours, pulling in the dynamic elements consumer behaviour. Then, the design team created the template, with dynamic elements.

#2. Elements:
  1. A catchy headline
  2. Up to three of the highest value product in the abandoned cart
  3. A service element to guide the customer through any issue
  4. “Call-to-action” requesting customer to complete the transaction
 #3. Walk Through The Customer’s Journey:

Customer browses the product and put them in the cart. But somehow he doesn’t complete the action. Within one hour of first cart abandonment an email arrives from Goldsmith.

Email Marketing

It reminds the customer that he is so close and he could finalise the purchase. As a Result the Company  received a tremendous amount of engagement with that first drip.

If a customer still doesn’t complete their purchase, a follow-up email is sent approximately 48 hours later. It contained similar messages to remind him that the items were there and to encourage him to complete the purchase. Ideally, Email Marketing program ends there.

# 4. Cart Expiry Email Marketing:

However, in extreme cases, a third Email was sent to the customer reminding him of imminent cart expiry. The SEO Team call it as “mop-up campaign”and implemented it in targeted timeframe. Most of the customer uses the cart as repository to save the item and they would go back later and purchase especially on the eve of holiday season.

Because the company didn’t want to catch the customer bewildered especially when they came back to find empty cart. Consequently, this move resulted in incremental sales.

#5. Optimization:

The entire Email Marketing program went through few rounds of testing. The SEO Team left the cart abandoned intentionally to ensure that the feed was properly populating information into the templates.

The data flowed from the website to the Email Marketing service provider populating the templates depending on the number of items left abandoned.

 #6. Targeting Browse Abandonment:

In addition, the team also launched Brows Abandoned Email Marketing campaign. It targeted those who came in, browsed, but didn’t put the product in the cart.

Email Marketing

This campaign is restricted to certain brand or product categories and entirely customer’s behaviour dependent. The browse campaign was initially extremely as same as to the abandoned cart Email Marketing,  only highlighting three items the customer had browsed.

Result & Learnings:

First of all abandoned cart Email Marketing was to re-engage the prospective customer. In conclusion

  1. The campaign created enthusiasm amongst the customer.
  2. Open through rate and CTR stood at 46% and 11% respectively.
  3. Conversion increased by 67%.
  4. Average order value (AOV) increased by 11%.

Furthermore, the campaign was later extended to other domain i.e and produced comparable result.

Source: Marketingsherpa

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