Good Data Doesn’t Mean Great Input: How Much Insights Matter

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When we produce good data, it may not mean that the output will be great because there are chances that your post did not reach many relevant customers. First of all we should ask ourselves, what are the actions on the page? Facebook Insights gives you great analysis. Furthermore, it gives you an overview allowing you to track everything. In addition, Facebook would also suggest you to add pages of your competitors to do more analysis. We should always remember that Facebook is a smart social site.

“Insights” is a powerful tool on Facebook for those wanting to track their customer’s interactions. Facebook Insights can be accessed by all the admins of your page to help you manage the number of active users by tracking and understanding page performance.

By using Facebook Insights you will be able to determine all kinds of information. Also, Facebook Insights tool is constantly updated to reflect your page’s developments and any patterns that it may form. As a result, you should  keep checking your insights constantly to be up to date.

Why Insights matter?


There are various forms of insights. For example, on Facebook it gives an in-depth insight of what your customers might get appealed to. In addition, it also gives your company an idea of what your goals should be. You will still have to do more homework on your part because it may not give you all the information you need. Your ultimate goal would be to create a product that provides value to your customers.

There are ways to improve your product. The question is, how do you decide what needs improvement?

Businessmen have a choice between using insights or their intuition to drive development. When you use insights, you can be certain you are developing what is needed as you have your data analysed. Whereas, if you use your intuition, you may not develop the right product as you do not have any inputs.

Facebook Insights allows you to:

  • Track growth, content performance, and progress.
  • Improve engagement and grow Facebook audience.
  • Tag posts and comments for aggregate campaign analysis.
  • Export profile and message-level Facebook reports.
  • Unlimited presentation-ready reporting at your finger tips.
  • Easily analyze comments, engagement and Facebook data.

Build The Right Product

With great analysis, you can build the product your customers want.

One example is Netflix. The streaming service captures great amount of data, like:

  • Customers viewing habits relative to the time of day
  • The devices they watch from
  • To continue from the last view-point
  • What other customers with similar interest watch

To recap, Insights allows you to retrieve as much information as you need about your customers. Even simple information like their age, gender and hobbies. It also tell you the best time of the day or week to post and its content.

Furthermore, let’s say that you have created a promotion campaign. Insights gives you information on likes, net likes, reach, page views and, the list goes on. Also, through insights you will realise if you have been targeting the wrong country and it would not serve the purpose. Similarly, you can do a lot of analysis to reach conclusions and take appropriate decisions to make your business profitable. Therefore, to conclude, a good data does not mean great input.

It is not late for us to act now. The key to rapid growth is to keep experimenting. You should always try new things and keep working on your product to make it better and better for your customers.

In conclusion, analysis gives us better input and keeps us focused in improving our business. Thanks to Insights.

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