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download (11)About GoodData

GoodData was established in 2007 by Roman Stanek at San Francisco, USA. The company is well-known for it’s cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics. More than 2910 employees are working with GoodData. More than 40000 companies are using GoodData’s software.The main mission of the company is to help global companies to monetize their big data. Their expertise in providing cloud-based business intelligence platforms. The client list of GoodData includes many big names like Discovery communications, mindflash, Disney, General Electric, etc.

Objective of GoodData

GoodData’s business objective was to become the industry leader in the field of business intelligence, data warehousing, cloud-based technology along with this the company aimed to provide cloud-based offerings with optimal security and efficiency for managing big data. GoodData partly depends upon the paid traffic for getting its customers. But to stay ahead in the market and to beat cut throat competition company has to adopt new marketing strategies. They realized that paid traffic will not fulfill their goal of becoming an industry leader. Increasing organic web traffic is the only for the success. So the company management decides to find an SEO strategic partner who can help them to achieve their goal and could be resourceful with their limited team and content strategy.

Strategy Adopted by GoodData

GoodData decided to do the partnership with Swellpath one of the big names in SEO industry. The Swell path is the reputed Google certified Digital Marketing agency. The main objective of the company is to provide a uniquely customer-centric approach to its different clients to leverage their data. SwellPath is experts in delivering advanced analytics consulting, and paid media management services to furnish the customer insights that drive successful marketing strategies. Customer centric approach is the main key feature of the SwellPath.

After, partnership with GoodData, SwellPath conducted an extensive competitive analysis of company’s previous SEO strategies. Along with this, they also researched about their competitors SEO strategies and marketing techniques. They also studied customer behavior including many factors like a social media response, time spent on website, customer conversion rate, demographic factors, etc. By using all this researched data SwellPath Successfully build an authority strategy. This new strategy was completely focused on connecting key influencers with content to generate activity and a solid following on different social media channels like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. By detail studying in different key areas, SwellPath was able to provide GoodData some strong SEO strategies that can accelerate the organic search. They built a strong base for GoodData which could accelerate organic search traction for all new and legacy content.

Result Achieved by GoodData

After implementing new strategies suggested by SwellPath, GoodData experiences considerable changes in the web traffic and overall ROI. Their organic search traffic were increased by 37% and non-branded traffic were increased by 42%. All this work and new SEO strategy resulted in a substantial increase in leads and opportunities from organic search. GoodData experienced positive changed in their ROI. Unique marketing approach helped them to build an authority among the people.


In these days, all the business definitions are changed. What was best for yesterday may be not good for today. Market trend and customer requirements are changing rapidly. Old marketing strategies were no more useful in the current business environments. People want something new, reliable and fast service. Data warehousing and cloud management is the big field. Almost every company has the problem of data security and data analysis. To provide them a perfect solution according to their requirements is the big challenge. GoodData successfully provided perfect solutions to many companies. But to stay ahead in the market they changed their business strategies and adopted some new marketing techniques to boost their web traffic. Also, one notable thing is only paid web traffic was not useful for the company to achieve the goal. To change the overall revenue, it was essential to increase organic web traffic.

It is always better to increase organic web traffic instead of paid web traffic as it is most cost efficient way of marketing. As we all know organic listings are free. When your company name is listed at the top 5 names in the Google search engine, it will automatically create a good image about your company. You don’t have to pay for that or you don’t have to allocate a separate budget for advertising. You can expect the continuous result from good SEO strategies. With the considerably low investment, your website can get consistent traffic. Also, people trust those companies who rank top in Google search. So indirectly SEO helps you to build a brand name, trust among the people and you benefited with the word of mouth publicity with no efforts. So moral is investing in SEO you can expect great ROI for your company and could be what you need to take it to the next level.

Image Credit- GoodData

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