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Google Activity Log: On My Activity Page Google Stores Everything you Do

Google Activity Log: On My Activity Page Google Stores Everything you Do

Ever wondered what happens when you use Google’s services like YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Search etc? That does leave behind a lot of information about your daily google log. Google has launched a My Activity page that gives you a detailed overview of A to Z things you have done on Google.

In the last year, June, Google launched a ‘My Account’ dashboard which helps you control the aspects relating to privacy for various Google services you use. However, to keep a track of your activities or in fact, just to see what a person has done online, they had to go to several different places.

Google recently launched a My Activity page which provides you a detailed overview of what you have done on Google so far.

What all My Activity Page will show?

With Google My Activity page, you could see search queries on Google, videos you have watched on YouTube, image searches, your entire Chrome browsing history, Google Now Cards you have seen and more.

In short, Android users and people who rely on Google’s services heavily will likely find that this page showcases their whole life on

You can search the history and can also filter it by product and date. In addition to this, if you wish to see the history of each day, Google will offer an organized overview, showing you how many items are there, and which services or platforms they are related to. Every individual item is shown separately.

Undoubtedly Google offers the best possible thing but not everything is here. For instance, the Maps history is located on a different page. But you can access this as well as all other Google histories from the menu on the left.

Want to stop Google from storing activity data?

Surely, this feature is a greatly enhanced version of your Chrome history but some users may wish to stop Google from gathering this much data about their online happenings and activities. What can you do for this?

Well, to pause Google from storing everything that you do on the web, voice, audio activity, location history, devices you use and your YouTube history, you can fine tune those settings on Google’s Activity Controls page.

Turn off Google Ad tracking

Recently introduced by Google, this new feature is tied to another huge change that is related to Google services. The data stored by Google from you is used to serve you with better-targeted ads.

Previously, Google had done it on its own services but this has now been expanded to third-party sites also.

“When you use Google services like Search and YouTube, you generate data — things like what you’ve searched for and videos you’ve watched. (…) With this change, this setting may also include browsing data from Chrome and activity from sites and apps that partner with Google, including those that show ads from Google,” Google wrote in a note to users.

How can you turn off

In order to opt out of this new form of ad tracking, you can go to ‘Control Your Google Ads’ page.

Here you can choose to turn off  ‘ads based on your interests on websites beyond’ and ‘ads based on your interest’.control-ads

As per google, even if you turn both the options off, you will still see ads. However, these ads will be unrelated to your interests and less relevant to your previous visits to other sites. Though it is important to note that these ads still may be based on your general location.

These new options are being slowly rolled out by Google as you will notice that on some accounts these features are present while over others they are absent.

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Supposedly, users should get a notification to review their privacy settings as the new features become available. This is because it will guide them to the new ads settings.


Google’s new feature ‘My Activity tool’ might seem to be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is surely an improvement over the last methods of managing the data stored by Google from your online behavior. If you wish to remove certain activities or just simply disable wholesale that you would rather Google not know about, this is the platform to start.

Image Credits: The Guardian,, Lifehacker dot com

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