5 Tips to Pass Google AdWords Exam in First Attempt

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If you are into Digital Marketing domain, be it Search Marketing, Paid Advertising/PPC, SEO or Influencer Marketing, you must have heard about Google AdWords. It is Pay per Click (PPC) programme of Google. Being an expert in that ensures great career opportunities (even for the beginners) – And the best way to highlight your AdWords expertise is attempting the Google AdWords Exam and being AdWords Certified.

According to Wishpond, Over 1.2 million businesses advertise on the Google Search Network.

This has increased the demand professionals who are expert in Google AdWords Certification. Thus, having Google AdWords certification is an added advantage.

If you meet some PPC specialists or Search Professionals around you who are earning in 7-digits and gaining great respect in your industry then for sure they would be AdWords certified. Professionals who pass the Google AdWords Exam are highly valued by prospective employers.

On average, most businesses see a 200% return on their investment when purchasing Google Ads. This makes Google Ads one of the most efficient means of advertising.

Even I would not be surprised if in future it becomes mandatory to become AdWords certified to work in PPC.

You can also pass the AdWords exam by following below given five tips.

Google AdWords Exam

Google AdWords Certification

So, without any further delay, let us go through those-

5 Tips To Pass Google AdWords Exam

1. Know What Is Google AdWords Exam

Google AdWords Exam revolves around two examinations, and once you pass both the exams, you will be an AdWords Certification Search Marketing professional. The two exams that you need to pass are-

Google AdWords Exam

Google AdWords Exams

Two AdWords Exams You Need To Pass Are-

  1. The first one is AdWords Fundamentals
  2. And the second one should be the one from the list below:
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

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Passing these two exams would help you be a certified AdWords expert. This exam is free of any charge but your certificate would be valid only for 12 months. After that, you need to re-take the exam for maintaining your AdWords certified status.

  • The AdWords Fundamental Exam incorporates 100 questions with an allotment of 120 minutes
  • The additional exams have 70 questions with 90 minutes of time limit
  • You need to score 80% to pass on each exam. In case you score below 80%, you have 7 days for retaking the exam
  • You will get a personalized certificate as well as a Google Partners public profile page that will enlist your certifications after passing the exam

I hope that this blog would help you understand how Google AdWords Exam is conducted and how you can pass that in the first attempt to be an AdWords certified Search Marketing master. Next section would tell you why AdWords Certification is important for you!

2. Why You Should Become Google AdWords Certified

Passing Google AdWords Exam adds validity to conversations with leads and customers. It also ensures rewarding career growth for you as Search marketing Expert, as hiring managers feel more secure if they know the professional they are working with is AdWords certified.

Below given are some of the reasons that will help you understand why passing Google AdWords Exam is profitable for you-

  • If you are a PPC specialist or Search Marketing/Google AdWords Consultant then Google AdWords Exam Certificate would add value to your resume
  • When you communicate with a potential client and tell him/her that you are AdWords Certified then this would evoke a higher level of confidence, and chances to convince them would be more positive
  • For any PPC specialist, SEOers, or Search Marketer; maintaining an AdWords Certification is quite useful in strengthening their validity in front of their current and future employers
  • Actually, mastering paid search and AdWords is the process in which we excel with time and experience, but, with an AdWords certification, you will be considered more authentic
  • Gaining good score in Google AdWords exam is directly proportional to how interactively you work with the interface and go through the AdWords auction, do testing, measure results and optimize campaigns
  • If you do all this then passing Google AdWords Exam would be quite easy for you and for sure it would double fold your current clients

3. Know How To Sign-up for Google AdWords Exam

Below given four steps would guide you how to sign up for your Google AdWords exam, so let us delve into those-

1. Sign In To Google Partners

  • In the very first step, you need to sign up for Google Partners
  • Anyone (agency or individual) who can manage AdWords accounts can sign up here

2. Navigate To Certifications & Choose AdWords

Google AdWords Exam

How to take your Google AdWords Exam

  • After signing into Google Partners you need to go to the Certifications tab that would be on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Below that, you should select AdWords

3. Take The Test

  • Now you are ready to go through your Google AdWords Exam
  • You only need to have good internet connection and you can take it
  • You only need to choose the exam under the AdWords Exams section, and click on “Take exam”

4. For The Next Exam Of Your Choice, Repeat The Process

  • You need to start with the Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and then you should take each exam by repeating the same process
  • You are allowed to take any one of the complementary tests to become certified, but it is advisable to consider the area of advertising that you feel would benefit you most
  • In case you are into e-commerce space, choosing the shopping Google AdWords Exam would be the best fit for you
  • By clearing Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and one of the Complementary Tests, you would become AdWords Certified

4. Know How To Prepare for Google AdWords Exam

Preparing for Google AdWords Exam is quite easy, as you can find Google Exam Study Guides for Google AdWords Exam, can go through some dummy exams that follow the same patterns and questions that the actual exam asks, plus, you can join Search Marketing Course and learn AdWords idiosyncrasies.

Below given are the three most preferred ways for preparing Google AdWords Exam-

1. Google’s Exam Study Guides

Google AdWords Exam

Google Exam Study Guide

  • Google has a Study Guide Center that would help you prepare for each of the Google AdWords exams
  • You can find extensive content here for each section of each exam that continuously leads you to more and more links of information
  • The Google Guide to AdWords include-
  1. Basics | Get started with AdWords
  2. Mobile | Make your website and ads mobile-friendly
  3. Optimization | Create successful Search campaigns
  4. Best Practices | Get the most out of AdWords
  5. Google AdWords audit guide where you can find Google AdWords exam answers in the most interactive way possible

2. iPass Exam

Google AdWords Exam

iPas Exam

  • If you are well aware of AdWords idiosyncrasies then this one is for sure quite useful option for you
  • This system is helpful in practicing for Google AdWords exam as it offers you practice tests that will ask you same kinds of questions that you will find in the real exam
  • Even sometimes you can find same questions in Exam that you had faced in iPass exam
  • This will help you check the areas that you need to do a little more study before going through the real exam
  • iPass also offers some free resources to prepare for exam but their ‘tests’ are considered the best

3. Join SEM Course

Google AdWords Exam

SEM Course

  • This would probably be the best option for you to pass the Exam in First Attempt
  • You will go through different Search Marketing and AdWords lessons and learn the process in the most practical way possible. Different AdWords lessons comprised in the course are-
  1. Understanding Google search
  2. Overview of Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing
  3. PPC definition & it’s functioning
  4. Ad writing techniques
  5. Campaign and Bid Management
  6. Performance Tracking, etc.

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5. What To Do Post ‘Google AdWords Exam’

AdWords certification would help you in creating a good image of yourself in front of HR Managers, Employers. Hence, it empowers you to gain an upper hand over other candidates. Some of the advisable ways that you can try after being AdWords certified are-

1. Add your AdWords Certification in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile

Google AdWords Exam

Add AdWords Certification in LinkedIn

2. You can also promote your AdWords Certification on any other social platforms that you prefer for your business. For example, if you actively use Twitter, you can add your Google AdWords Certification to the description below your Twitter profile picture

3. You can also add your AdWords Certification status to your website, business cards, resume or Google Partners account

Google AdWords Exam

Add AdWords Certification in your Google Partners profile


Now, the next important thing that comes post Google AdWords Certification is, knowing how to stay certified-

How To Stay Certified Post Google AdWords Exam

  • As I had earlier discussed in this post, your Google AdWords Certification would be valid for one year
  • After the completion of one year, you ought to take AdWords Fundamentals test as well as the second test of your choice for maintaining your Google AdWords Certified status


You are ready to pass your Google AdWords Exam, but to pass it in the first attempt; you need to follow aforestated five steps in the most practical way possible.

Search Engine Marketing Training would help you do that via a Research-based Practical Internship.

If you want to know which kinds of career opportunities would be under your radar once you become AdWords certified, share your details in comments.

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