10 Secret Strategies of every Google AdWords Expert

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Google AdWords is one of the sought after profession currently. This has opened a plethora of opportunities for many people to master this field. Google AdWords Experts are mushrooming everywhere. It is very important to identify the real experts in the industry to hire them for your business or follow the real ones to become one of them. There are some common traits among the Google AdWords Experts which can be seen. These are the most common ones but not the only ones. In this article, we will cover the top 10 secret strategies Google AdWords Experts follow.

10 Secret Strategies of every Google AdWords Expert

Google AdWords Expert

Google AdWords Experts

Google AdWords Experts are Very Clear on their Objective

Google AdWords Experts understand it very well that running an AdWords campaign without a predefined objective is like boarding a bus without knowing the destination! A clearly defined objective let’s one meticulously lay the roadmap to achieve their goals. To give an illustration; a campaign with an objective of driving online sales with a defined cost per acquisition can go for Search Advertising with Target CPA bidding whereas a campaign with an objective of driving awareness for a product can run a display advertising with CPM bidding.

They Know the Importance of Well Structured AdWords Account

The vital thing which differs an average Google AdWords campaign from an above average campaign is its account structure. The foundation of an AdWords campaign is its well-organized structure. Google AdWords Experts theme their long list of keywords into relevant ad groups and in turn group them into campaigns based on their objective, budget allocation, and location targeting.

These experts are always on side of SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups). These are the ad groups having single keywords or group of keywords with similar intent. By this, the experts can customize their ad content and landing page content to suit the requirements of the user and resonate their requirement as closely as possible. This is a great way to boost the performance.

They don’t run behind Quality Score, they run behind the Performance

Quality Score (QS) is the indication given by AdWords about the quality of your ad. This metric is given at the keywords level. The three major factors contribute to QS are ad relevancy, landing page experience and expected click-through rate (CTR). 

Google AdWords Experts don’t keep QS as a measure of their success because this is an indication of the overall success of the campaign but not the actual metrics one need to keep track and improve. QS improves with the improvement in ad CTR, relevant ad content, better landing page experience for users with improved conversion rate. If all these metrics improve, the QS will improve eventually.

They take Location Targeting seriously

Google AdWords Expert

AdWords location targeting

At a glance, this feature looks like a basic one, but if used effectively this can do a big difference in the campaign performance. To understand location targeting properly, one needs to know there are three options in it;

  1. People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location
  2. People in my targeted location
  3. People searching for my targeted location

Let’s assume the target location is Bangalore;

The 1st option targets people physically situated in Bangalore or people who are interested in Bangalore through their recent internet activities. The 2nd option targets people who are only located in Bangalore. The 3rd option targets people who are not situated in Bangalore but are interested in Bangalore in their recent internet activity.

Following is the illustration of a location-specific campaign;

Mary has a cake delivery shop in Bangalore. She wants to target people looking for cake delivery in Bangalore. She selects Bangalore location for her campaign with the 1st option. Now, Ravi, a person situated in Mumbai who is doing some research about the Bangalore for his next business trip. Meanwhile, Ravi wanted to order a cake for his friend’s bday and searches for “Cake Deliver near me”. As Mary has selected the 1st option which includes people situated in Bangalore or interested in Bangalore, her ad shows up for Ravi’s search in Mumbai. Now Ravi clicks on Mary’s ad, selects the cake and enters the address only to find out that they don’t deliver in Mumbai.

What just happened is a poor user experience and a waste of ad spend for Mary. It is ideal for Mary to go for the 2nd option which is people situated in the physical location for her type of business. The scenarios and best options can vary from business to business, but Google AdWords Experts are aware of the dos & don’ts of location options.

They are pretty adaptable to New AdWords Features

Google keeps releasing new features for its AdWords advertisers. The Google AdWords Experts are the first ones to test these features depending on the suitability for their campaigns. The secret is they don’t apply these features in bulk, rather they test it on a sample, measure the result and take a call. To be more accurate in testing these features, these experts go for experiment feature on AdWords, wherein they can make the desired change and apply that for a defined percentage of traffic for a campaign and test the results. Not necessarily all new things will work out for every advertiser, but they at least try and test it before denying. 

They love to work with Web Developers

Google AdWords Experts are very much familiar with the fact that getting ad clicks isn’t enough for good performance of AdWords, the better user experience is the ultimate goal. For better user experience, testing every element of a landing page and optimizing it for the user is the ultimate goal. The tool which advertisers use to A/B test landing pages is Google Optimize which allows a user to test 3 landing pages at once for free.

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Google AdWords Experts know the Power of Negative Keywords

Google AdWords Experts know that adding relevant negative keywords can improve the overall health of the campaign. Their best friend for this process is Search Term Report. Reviewing the search term report regularly and chopping the weeds (Read Negative Keywords) by adding them to negative keyword list is the must process in their agenda.

They Know the Difference Between Mobile & Desktop Requirements

The psychology of the user surfing on the desktop and mobile is completely different. A user surfing on the desktop is more patient and can consume data in detail whereas a user surfing on the mobile is in hurry looking for crisp and to the point information. Customizing the landing page based on the device on which it is consumed is an important strategy of every Google AdWords Expert.

They are Always Open to Learn

The one common thing among all the Google AdWords Experts is their willingness to learn and teach others. In this volatile & dynamic industry of Google AdWords where one needs to learn and unlearn strategies every day, these experts love to share their strategy via different mediums and consume the same from other people.

It’s Your Turn Now! 

Google AdWords is a big ocean for advertisers to explore and do the most for their business. There are various benefits of Google AdWords like delivering immediate & consistent results.

The first step to initiate your Google AdWords journey is Google AdWords Expert Certification. Expertizing this platform is not easy but following some of the common strategies of experts in the market and adapting to the new changes in the platform can put one ahead in this race. Adopt these traits in your day to day operations and observe the difference in the results.

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